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The commendation meeting of Hubei Lilai Technology Co., Ltd. ended successfully


At the commendation meeting, Wang Liping, chairman of Lilai technology group, made an affectionate speech, which moved and inspired all employees.

Mr. Wang thanked all the employees of the company, represented by excellent employees, for their contributions to the development of the company, encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to achieve the company's annual production goals in advance with quality and quantity, and personally presented honorary certificates and prizes to the excellent employees for group photos.

Later, Mr. Wang put down his busy work, personally led the relevant leaders of the company to visit and express condolences to some excellent employees' families, sent condolences to the employees' families, thanked the excellent employees and their families for their contributions to the company, and urged them to continue to work hard. The company will also provide a stage for everyone to display their talents.

Finally, Mr. Wang said that in the future, the company will hold this activity regularly to commend excellent employees. This time, many excellent employees failed to win awards one by one due to limited quotas, but their contributions will not be forgotten by the company. We hope that in the future, we can work together, work together, and make persistent efforts to make the future of Lilai technology more beautiful and brilliant!
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