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Staff style | | do simple things repeatedly, and do repeated things seriously!


Repeat simple things, repeat things seriously!
——Liao Ping

No earth shattering deeds,sheIn her work, she strictly abides by the company's regulations, works meticulously in ordinary positions, carefully handles every order conversion, review and delivery return, and patiently connects sales and factories; When encountering difficulties, take them as a way to hone yourself and do every job unremittingly.

All along, she firmly adheres to the core values of "integrity, pragmatism and tenacity", and is optimistic, hardworking, sweating and selfless in her workTo contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality and efficient operation of Lilai group.

She is: Liao ping! A person who is strict with himself, dedicated, optimistic and persistent is an example for all Lilai people to learn!


With action

Transfer positive energy
Transfer Positive Energy

       Liao Ping, who joined Lilai in 2015, is a merchandiser of Dongguan Lijia and Hubei Lilai; Officially transferred to Shenzhen Lilai marketing department in February 2018 as a business assistant, mainly responsible for order conversion, cost review, order delivery date return and inventory statistics of the four branches. The above work seems to be relatively simple and basic, but it is not very easy, and the tedious degree makes the listener afraid! Since she officially took over the post on February 26th, 2018, in the past 15 months, she has been adhering to the working principle of "doing simple things repeatedly and doing repeated things seriously", and everything is big and small, consistent. At the same time, in the accumulated learning and operation of the post, she also summed up her understanding of the work:

1、 Everything is difficult at the beginning

The job requirements and job nature of business assistants vary greatly in each industry. So when you come into contact with a new position, everything should start again. From being familiar with the environment to being familiar with the products, you should feel the stone to cross the river at every stepEvery day, we should be prepared and accumulate bit by bit to promote growth through learning. However, this stage will not take too long, which depends on their own hard work and get started quickly.


2、 Communicate first 

After nearly 15 months' work, I deeply realized the timeliness and necessity of effective communication with leaders, colleagues and various departments of the group. Before doing things, the smooth communication between us will enable each other's work to be carried out smoothly, which not only saves time, avoids internal friction, but also greatly improves work efficiency.


3、 Be organized 

Assistant work actually needs to do a lot of complicated things, and often encounter unexpected things, which requires reasonable arrangements for everything. Priorities should be clearly identified, and important things should not be forgotten or postponed. I have now formed a habit of filtering what I have done today before I leave work every day to see if there are any omissions.


4、 Strong sense of time

When leaders and colleagues need to cooperate with you to finish the work within the specified time, we must pay attention to this time node: it is best to complete it in advance with high efficiency; If you can't do it on time, you must face the facts and explain the reasons to others in time.廖3张.jpg


Inner monologue

P. S. actually, as a business assistant for so long, I didn't know how to carry out my work at first, but now I can handle all kinds of affairs easily, and I still have a great sense of achievement!

At ordinary times, he works conscientiously and carefully, and gets along well with colleagues from four branches. In the past period of time, I was sad, suspicious, happy and moved, but I'm glad I can stick to it. For me, in the future work process, we should make full use of the company's resources, find the right work methods, and improve work efficiency. We also need to further strengthen the communication between branches, so that the communication between departments is closer and the information flow is more accurate!

——Graphic: via Lilai youth (the original text is slightly modified)

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