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Lithium battery folding - are you serious?


"Mass entrepreneurship and innovation" has become a portrayal of today's society. When it comes to innovation, I'm afraid no industry can be compared with the electronic products industry. The development of electronic products is beyond imagination. For example, folding screen mobile phones have caught the attention of consumers since their emergence.

In recent years, everyone seems to be interested in the research and development and use of folding products. For example, the more popular wearable electronic products in the market, such as heating jackets, insoles, bracelets, etc., are foldable. When it comes to electronic products, we have to saylithium battery。 The wearable electronic products mentioned above are inseparableLithium batteryPool services. The focus of our discussion today is a newly developed lithium battery, namely "folding lithium battery".

In the past, the lithium batteries we used in electronic products are generally hard, which will make people feel uncomfortable when used. For this short board of lithium battery, the Department of textile and clothing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently developed an ultra soft "fabric lithium battery".

It is understood that the "fabric lithium battery" developed by PolyU can be folded and bent to a diameter of about 1 mm, with an energy density of more than 450 watt hours / liter. It has excellent softness. It can be folded for 1000 times without damage. General flexible lithium batteries can only be bent to a radius of about 25 mm, and the efficiency is only 200 watt hours / liter. According to the R & D team, this "fabric lithium battery" can be used in smart watch straps, hot clothes, etc. in the future. The product is comfortable to wear and more durable.

The research team adopts the new technology of polymer assisted metal deposition patented by PolyU to deposit high conductive metals copper and nickel evenly on the treated fabrics, such as cotton and carbon cloth, to make conductive fabrics, replacing the metal foil on the surface of general lithium batteries, so as to act as a fluid collector and improve softness.

The deformation test conducted by the team proved that the fabric lithium battery has extremely high mechanical stability, durability and safety. After repeated folding in half, twisting at different angles and irregular crumpling, the battery will not lose its voltage efficiency; Safety tests such as continuous hammering, shearing and steel needle puncture have also proved that the battery can provide a stable power supply for electronic components, and there is no risk of fire or explosion.

According to Zheng Zijian, a professor in the Department of textiles and clothing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, it took the team three years to complete the research and development of this fabric lithium battery. The principle is to use the polymer assisted metal deposition method to deposit high conductive metals evenly on the treated fabrics, such as cotton and carbon cloth, to "make the material conductive" and replace the metal foil on the surface of general lithium batteries, so as to act as a fluid collector and improve the softness.

Professor Zheng Zijian also introduced that compared with traditional lithium batteries, fabric lithium batteries are small and thin, with a thickness of less than 0.5 mm. In the past, smart watch straps, hot clothes and other smart products were fully charged for only one day, but if you use a fabric lithium battery, it can take up to two days after charging.

In addition to providing a stable, durable and safe energy supply for wearable electronic products, fabric lithium batteries can also be used in medical health monitoring, intelligent textiles and other fields. According to this trend, the daily popularization of "fabric lithium battery" in the future may be just a matter of time.

Article source: OFweek lithium grid

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