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[original] technological innovation PK of 3 winding equipment enterprises


Winding equipment is the key to production efficiency in the process of cell manufacturing. Because production efficiency determines costs and profits. After all, there is no standard and no way to assess the profit regardless of cost.

The most critical parameters of winding equipment are product yield and winding alignment. This depends on the winding speed, tension fluctuation, alignment accuracy, etc.

For the winding process, it is to complete the specified actions such as automatic winding, cutting, pasting of termination tape, automatic blanking, pre pressing and forming of positive and negative plates and diaphragms.

In this process, the tension between the diaphragm and the pole piece, the alignment of the diaphragm during winding, the alignment of the pole lug, the burr during cutting, and the position accuracy of the adhesive tape will have a significant impact on the quality of the cell.

In 2019, the lithium battery equipment industry entered the market reshuffle stage. This means that the market competition is more intense and the head effect is more obvious for winding equipment enterprises.

How to win the market and improve the popularity and influence of winding equipment is a problem that every enterprise has to solve.

At present, the 2019 high tech lithium & Electric Vehicle Golden Globe Award, known as the "lithium Oscar", is in full swing. This Golden Globe Award is specially sponsored by Sike Qi. Since the opening of the registration channel, more than 100 lithium battery enterprises have signed up to participate.

Among them, in the field of winding equipment, enterprises including Yihong intelligence, Chengjie intelligence, Huaguan technology and so on have unveiled their own innovative technologies and competed for the "annual innovative technology" award.

Since 2013, the Golden Globe Award for high engineering has been successfully held for six times, which has won the high attention of the entire lithium battery industry and the active participation of enterprises in the industry's subdivisions, and has become a thermometer and weathervane to observe the development of the industry.

The industry can also see the different process innovations in the same field through the "annual innovative technology" participating products / technologies declared by three winding equipment enterprises, Yihong intelligence, Chengjie intelligence and Huaguan Technology (in no order).

It is worth mentioning that at present, the Golden Globe Award of senior engineering is being voted on the Internet. Click "read the original text" at the end of the text to vote directly for your favorite lithium battery equipment products.

Yihong intelligent: laser die cutting and winding machine

Guangzhou Yihong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the "annual Technological Innovation Award" as its new product laser die cutting and winding machine.

At present, the mainstream production process is to turn to the next process for winding after laser die-cutting the polar ear, and the polar ear die-cutting and winding are not integrated.

The laser die cutting and winding all-in-one machine independently developed by Yihong intelligent can synchronize die cutting and winding, and the segmented integration greatly improves the availability of the equipment and saves equipment costs for customers.

The equipment has the following core features:

1. The equipment is wound through a special controller in the control mode of low tension, high speed and high precision, so that the tension fluctuation is controlled within 6%. The alignment degree is controlled within ± 0.3mm, and the alignment degree of similar products in the market is generally above ± 0.5mm.

2. Adopt a variety of deviation correction methods, and take the lead in tension precision control and appropriate matching of linear speed. At the same time, the bad problem of laser section cutting is solved, and the precision of laser cutting is greatly improved than that of traditional die cutting;

3. The design speed of laser cutting roll is high, and the quality of laser cutting end face is high. Variable angular speed high-speed winding, which can adapt to different winding needle widths. The variety switching speed is fast, which can be applied to various specifications of power battery cells.

The integrated laser die cutting and winding machine of Yihong intelligent realizes the integration of die cutting and winding, saves the handling process from die cutting to winding, and significantly improves the production safety. At the same time, it is equivalent to two die cutting machines and one traditional winding machine, which greatly saves space and labor costs.

Chengjie intelligent: round lithium battery automatic film making and winding machine

Shenzhen Chengjie Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. entered for the "annual Technological Innovation Award" with its new product, round lithium battery automatic production and winding machine.

The equipment includes, chassis, controller, and two sets of diaphragms electrically connected with the controller, unwinding device, two sets of film making device, feeding mechanism and winding device.

Any group of diaphragm unwinding devices includes two groups of diaphragm unwinding mechanisms and automatic belt splicing mechanisms; Any group of film making device includes two groups of pole piece unwinding mechanism, automatic belt splicing mechanism, multiple groups of pole lug welding mechanism and multiple groups of opposite pasting mechanism: the winding device includes winding station, glue pasting station and unloading station; The polar strip provided by the film making device and the diaphragm strip provided by the diaphragm unwinding device pass through the winding station, glue pasting station and unloading station to complete the winding process.

Chengjie intelligent round lithium battery automatic production and winding machine can realize the efficient and automatic production of battery cells. Once it is launched into the market, it has won unanimous praise from major customers, with high production efficiency and high yield. The monthly delivery volume is more than 30 sets.

At present, the top domestic lithium battery manufacturers have purchased Chengjie intelligent circular lithium battery automatic production and winding machine, such as Yiwei lithium energy, BYD, Penghui group, Tianshi group, etc.

Huaguan Technology: button type cell production and winding machine

The product of Zhuhai Huaguan Technology Co., Ltd. participating in the golden ball award is the button type cell production and winding machine.

The core technologies of the button type cell production and winding machine are mainly as follows.

Firstly, the device breaks through the width limit of the pole piece and solves the continuous operation problem of the ultra narrow piece from the perspective of system tension. The narrowest piece can be 2.5mm wide.

Secondly, the alignment problem of button products has been solved. The equipment alignment can be controlled within ± 0.15mm, meeting the process design of 0.25mm on one side of the product.

Finally, the winding mode of connecting single needle is widely used in the industry, and the three needle structure is creatively adopted, which improves the equipment efficiency to 20ppm, breaks through the capacity limit and improves the production efficiency.

It is worth noting that this equipment has raised the quality and production efficiency of button cells to a new level, greatly promoting the large-scale production of button cells.

At present, in terms of application, Huaguan technology has established business contacts with Samsung, Yiwei lithium energy, Lishen, BYD, Ganfeng, wechat and other enterprises.

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