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Lithium ore import prices continued to fall, and ore inventory pressure shifted to the mine side


[Customs Data Analysis in September]

China's lithium ore import data from January to September 2019

锂矿进口价格继续下跌 矿石库存压力转移至矿山侧

In September 2019, the import volume of domestic spodumene concentrate was 224000 tons of physical objects, an increase of 82.2% month on month and 92.5% year on year. This month, 82.5 physical tons of lithium raw ore were imported (the port of shipment is Hong Kong, China). In terms of price, the average import price of spodumene concentrate in September was US $615 / ton, down 2.5% month on month and 23.1% year-on-year. Among them, spodumene concentrate used for the production of lithium salt is 214000 tons of physical objects, and the average import price is 606.7 US dollars / ton.

锂矿进口价格继续下跌 矿石库存压力转移至矿山侧

In September, Tianqi lithium Co., Ltd. imported the largest amount of lithium concentrate for the production of lithium salt, with a total of 72lce 10000 tons of lithium concentrate, with an average import price of 661.6 dollars / ton (FOB) (excluding the lithium ore imported by Tianqi Xinlong for the production of glass ceramics). The enterprise with the second largest import volume is Jianfa logistics, which imports 58lce 10000 tons of lithium concentrate, with an average import price of 577.8 US dollars / ton (FOB).

Since 2018, the price of lithium salt has entered a downward range, while the price of lithium ore is relatively stable due to the signing of long orders, and some buyers began to refuse to implement the contract. Therefore, the inventory growth rate on the side of overseas mines is higher than that of smelting products, and the pressure of oversupply gradually shifted to overseas mines in 2019. At present, overseas mines have shown a "liquidation" signal. After Alita announced to enter the independent takeover and reorganization due to loan problems, Altura also carried out additional financing due to lack of funds; In addition, considering that the industry is facing the pressure of weak prices and lower than expected Chinese demand, Galaxy resources will reduce the operation scale of its MT Catlin mine, and its mining volume is expected to be reduced by about 40%; This week, Albemarle officially completed the transaction of wodgina mine of MRL. The two companies said that considering the downturn of global lithium price and in order to protect the scarce resource value of the mine, wodgina mine will temporarily stop production until market demand supports its recovery.

As the price of lithium smelting products in China plays an important role in the pricing of overseas smelting products and lithium ores, with the continuous decline of domestic lithium salt prices, the future production of lithium concentrate in Western Australia, whose cost is under pressure, is not optimistic, and the accumulation pressure of lithium ores can be relieved in the future.

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