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The lithium battery material market operates smoothly, and the industry mainly digests inventory in the short term


Recently, domesticlithium batteryThe main material market operates smoothly.

The resumption time of lithium salt, cathode material and diaphragm factories overhauled during the Spring Festival is mostly postponed to February 10, and some enterprises are still uncertain about the resumption time. At present, the industry mainly digests inventory, but due to transportation restrictions, it is difficult to deliver goods.

In terms of cathode materials, the factories of first tier enterprises do not shut down and maintain small batch production; Small and medium-sized enterprises often stop work and have holidays, and the delivery is mainly based on inventory. Affected by the epidemic after the festival, the factory opening areas in the southern region have been shut down successively, and the factory in the northern region can still maintain production. However, due to the impact of logistics control, raw materials cannot be purchased in time, mainly consumed inventory.

At present, the negotiated price of battery grade lithium carbonate is 46000 ~ 48000 yuan (ton price, the same below), the market transaction price of battery grade lithium hydroxide is 50000 ~ 54000 yuan, and the market price of ternary materials is 125000 ~ 130000 yuan, which is power typeLithium iron phosphateThe market price is 40000-45000 yuan, the market price of lithium manganate is 37000-45000 yuan, the market price of lithium cobalt oxide is 190000-200000 yuan, the low-end quotation of artificial graphite cathode material is 25000 yuan, and the high-end quotation is 70000 yuan.

In addition, at present, the market price of diaphragm is also flat before the festival, and wet 5 in East China μ M price is 2.7~3.5 yuan / square meter, dry method 16 μ M the price is 1~1.2 yuan / square meter, 20 μ The price of M is 0.8~1 yuan / square meter.

In the later stage, the new bargaining window of the lithium battery material market will open in March. The bearish sentiment of lithium salt and cathode material manufacturers after the festival is obvious, while those in the diaphragm and cathode material market are mainly stable. The specific resumption time of production enterprises still needs to be determined according to the impact of the epidemic, and customers in the lithium battery industry have prepared raw materials to the end of February before the Spring Festival, so the short-term market will be stable.

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