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It will exceed 333.5 billion yuan in 2020! Market scale forecast of lithium ion secondary battery


Fuji economic forecast,Lithium ion secondary batteryThe world market will exceed 5 trillion yen (about 333.55 billion yuan) in 2020 and reach 8 trillion 823.9 billion yen (about 586.96 billion yuan) in 2023, including xev (electric vehicle / hybridPower battery)It will reach 6 trillion 264.1 billion yen (about 420.21 billion yuan).

Small household battery Market:Lithium batteries in electronic products tend to be saturated, but the demand for wearable devices and Bluetooth headsets is still increasing. The production proportion of rechargeable electric tools in China has increased, and Chinese battery manufacturers will adopt small and medium-sized lithium batteries. In addition, China's E-bike adopts the new standard, and the car body should be less than 55kg, and the lighter lithium-ion secondary battery market is expected to expand.

World market forecast of lithium ion secondary battery (LIB)

Xev battery Market:Due to the implementation of environmental protection restrictions and incentive policies, the market of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles will expand. However, the subsidy amount of new energy vehicles in China in 2020 has shrunk significantly compared with that in 2019, and the market growth is uncertain. Moreover, China's subsidy policy protects domestic enterprises. After the subsidy is stopped, Japanese and Korean power battery manufacturers will make efforts in the Chinese market. Due to the implementation of strict carbon dioxide emission standards in Europe, the demand for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles will increase.

Battery for ess (electric energy storage system) /ups (uninterrupted power supply) /bts (base station for mobile phone):Ess will continue to increase with the construction of renewable energy power generation systems in the world. South Korea said that it would increase the proportion of renewable energy power to 20% by 2020, and the demand in Europe and North America would also expand. In addition, California in the United States stipulates that solar power generation systems are mandatory for new residential buildings after 2020, and the demand for ess will also increase. Ups/bts batteries will be transformed from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries. Especially with the construction of 5g system, the demand for BTS will continue to increase.

Article source:Battery China

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