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The demand for electronic cigarette batteries surged during the policy window


The deadline for PMTA submission in the United States is approaching, and a large amount of demand is expected to emerge in the short-term e-cigarette production.

According to the PMTA (tobacco pre listing application) policy of the United States, any legal listing of new tobacco products in the United States after February 15, 2007 must submit an application and be approved by FDA (food and Drug Administration). After submitting the application, the applicant can continue to sell the product for one year or until the product is approved or rejected (whichever comes first).

According to the latest regulations, the deadline for submitting PMTA to FDA is May 12, 2020.

As the deadline approaches, e-cigarette brands may actively use the short-term policy window to stock up, and e-cigarette manufacturers are also expected to meet a lot of production demand.

How large is the e-cigarette market?

According to the data, the global sales of e-cigarettes (excluding heating and non combustion) in 2019 was about US $33billion, an increase of 106.2% year-on-year, 14 times higher than the global sales of US $2.2 billion in 2012. Among them, the Chinese market ranked fifth in 2019, with domestic sales of $1.61 billion.

In terms of e-cigarette manufacturing, the market size of China's e-cigarette industry in 2019 was US $7.87 billion, of which export sales were US $6.26 billion, covering the whole industrial chain of atomizers, batteries, cigarette oil, chips, finished products and so on. It can be said that more than 90% of the world's e-cigarette products came from China.

Among them, lithium batteries account for 10% to 30% of the cost of electronic cigarettes. Driven by market demand, lithium battery enterprises for electronic cigarettes are also ushering in the wind.

Some time ago, a number of e-cigarette manufacturers said that e-cigarette batteries are currently in short supply, and many enterprises are actively looking for supply sources, or even booking in advance.

At present, the enterprises involved in the operation of electronic cigarette lithium batteries include Penghui battery, Yiwei lithium energy, Zhijian technology, Yinghe technology, Yingqu technology, etc.

Hi Tech lithium battery learned during the 10th Anniversary Tour that smart key technology is mainly engaged in small flexible polymer batteries, and currently focuses on supporting the Bluetooth headset and e-cigarette market. According to hanyanqing, general manager of smart key technology, its production capacity can reach 100000 pieces / day, and the demand for e-cigarette batteries has significantly increased since the beginning of the year.

Penghui energy has business cooperation with many domestic and foreign e-cigarette customers, such as Maxwell and Heyuan technology. At present, the primary e-cigarette batteries produced in volume include cylinder type numbers 08570, 08400, 13300, etc.

Article source:High tech lithium power grid

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