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[copper foil weekly] Chaohua technology 5g communication RTF copper foil has been shipped! JINCHUAN COPPER lithium battery copper foil project is steadily advancing



[interactive] Chaohua Technology: 5g communication RTF copper foil has been shipped

On May 14, Chaohua Technology (002288) said in an interactive exchange with investors that in 2018, the company and Jiaying College successfully developed a high tensile lithium copper foil with a tensile strength of 400-700MPa (the current industry standard for the tensile strength of lithium copper foil is about 300mpa), making a breakthrough in the tensile strength of lithium copper foil. In June, 2019, the company cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to build a joint research center for electronic materials. The main research contents are: (1) research on key technology of high-frequency and high-speed (5-10g) copper foil and substrate materials; (2) Research on the key technology of lithium copper foil; (3) Research on technology and application of high-power electronic copper foil; (4) Research on the reliability of advanced electronic products. The company and Shanghai Jiaotong University are making every effort to promote the research and development of new products. Through the cooperation with major scientific research institutions, the company will continue to optimize the product performance and enhance the product competitiveness. At present, the company has successfully developed RTF copper foil that can be used for 5g communication, and has completed the shipment. It will continue to promote the research and development progress of high-end HDI copper foil, VLP copper foil and HVLP copper foil, and further enrich the products in the field of high-end electronic circuit copper foil.

In terms of capacity planning, the company's "8000 ton annual high-precision electronic copper foil project (phase II)" has been promoted in an orderly manner, striving to be put into operation as soon as possible. After being put into operation, the company's copper foil capacity will total 20000 tons, ranking first in the industry. In addition, the company plans to build an electronic information industry base in meizhoukeng, baidu Town, Meixian district (the project implementation site is changed to Songping village, Yanyang Town, Meixian District). The first phase plans to build a high-precision electronic copper foil project with an annual output of 20000 tons, which is being rapidly and orderly promoted. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)


[research] JINCHUAN COPPER lithium battery copper foil project is steadily advancing

Jinchuan copper is subordinate to Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. and is the largest copper smelting and precious metal refining center and copper salt production base in Northwest China. At present, it has formed a production capacity of 600000 tons of high-purity cathode copper, 30 tons of gold, 600 tons of silver, 100 tons of 5N high-purity copper, 2000 tons of copper foil, 7000 kilograms of platinum group metals, 200 tons of selenium products, 20 tons of tellurium products, 3000 tons of high-purity copper sulfate, 21000 tons of electroplating copper sulfate and industrial copper sulfate.

According to the plan of Jinchuan copper, the company plans to jointly tackle key problems 5 μ The double-sided optical ultra-thin electrolytic copper foil for lithium-ion batteries below m is used to achieve stable mass production. In the later stage, 5g high-frequency, high-speed and high-performance PCB copper foil is used for experimental research, development and production, and various special copper foils (70 μ M and above), and set up provincial R & D centers and national R & D centers.

In terms of investment and production expansion, in order to reduce investment and technical risks, Jinchuan copper 5kt/a new energy electronic material copper foil project is implemented in three stages according to the principle of overall planning and phased implementation.

In the first stage, a 1kt/a test line was built, and the single machine was powered on for trial production on April 30, 2018. At present, 6 μ m~8 μ M continuous production and sales of double-sided lithium copper foil. In the second stage, the Joint Research Institute of high-precision electrolytic copper foil was established in cooperation with Xi'an Aerospace Power Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the sixth Academy of Aerospace Science, with the original foil design capacity of 1kt/a, focusing on the R & D and stable mass production of high-quality and high-performance double-sided light ultra-thin lithium battery copper foil, and the joint implementation of 4 ~ 4.5 μ M research and development of high performance lithium battery copper foil. In the third stage, we will focus on the experimental research, development and production of standard copper foil represented by high-frequency, high-speed and high-performance PCB copper foil standard configured for 5g base stations, with a design capacity of 3kt / A. The project is scheduled to start in October 2020. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[market] new infrastructure boosts demand for copper foil

From the perspective of "new infrastructure", the non-ferrous industry also has the power to obtain "tuyere", such as 5g, UHV, new energy vehicles, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other fields can not leave non-ferrous metal products. Among them, copper foil is an essential basic material for the construction of 5g base stations, mainly because of its good conductivity, which is mainly used in the construction of lithium batteries.

Copper foil is made of copper plus a certain proportion of other metals. The copper content of copper foil is generally divided into 90% and 88%, and the size is 16*16cm.

Although copper foil accounts for only 2% of copper materials as a whole, it plays a very high role in the field of electronic products. Products made of copper foil are widely used in the field of electronic information. The application field of copper foil is mainly divided into lithium copper foil and standard copper foil. Lithium copper foil is used for the production of lithium batteries, while standard copper foil is used for the production of printed circuit board (PCB) and copper clad laminate (CCL).

With the gradual upgrading of 5g's demand for high-frequency and high-speed, the demand for the value of copper foil in PCB is also increasing; Whether consumer electronics or new energy vehicles, the demand for high-capacity batteries is an irresistible trend, which increases the demand for lithium battery copper foil; In addition, FPC drives the demand for electrolytic copper foil with the development of wearable devices and the Internet of things market. (source: Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network)

[International] Franklin mining enters Chilean copper mine

Franklin mining, which focuses on South America, announced that it had decided to expand its horizons and had just established an exploration enterprise in Chile.

In a press release, the US miner said it had established a joint venture with the Chilean mining company Scorpios to explore the lostotems copper mine held by ossand ó N and Scorpios.

According to Franklin mining, the grass-roots exploration project covers an area of 22000 hectares, providing an opportunity for the company to mine high-grade copper and gold / silver suitable for mining or shallow open-pit mining in a new era.

The mining area is currently being mined by 'pirquineros' (artisanal miners), in which a large amount of copper oxide mineralization is directly transported to the leaching facility of enami[national mining company] in Copiapo for treatment. (source: Changjiang nonferrous metals network)


[think tank circle]Optimistic expectation of high-end copper foil market increment

Recently, the industry is generally optimistic about the increment of high-end copper foil market, and a number of copper foil manufacturers announced 4.5 μ M copper foil has begun mass production and increased investment in research and development of ultra-thin copper foil. However, 4.5 μ Although copper foil of M and below has mass production energy, due to the existing production capacity and customer demand, the shipment volume is not high. In addition, many enterprises are increasing 6 μ M copper foil production scale, but affected by the epidemic, the downstream demand has decreased, and the penetration rate has slowed down, so the market development of new distributors is usually difficult.

We also note that the supply of 5g high-performance copper foil products is insufficient, and the investment of domestic enterprises in this field is gradually increasing. A few enterprises have mass produced related products, but the production capacity has not yet entered the period of large-scale release.

Article source:Battery net

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