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TWS headphone battery new track Yiwei / Xinwangda / Penghui / Ganfeng "lead"


BatteryThe application scenarios of are increasingly rich. In recent years, the popularity of Apple's airpods and other wearable devices worldwide has promoted the rapid explosion of the TWS Bluetooth headset industry. With the accelerated rise of TWS headphones,TWS batteryThe demand increases rapidly. The industry predicts that the sales of TWS earphones will reach 150million and 230million in 2020 and 2021, respectivelyThe demand for batteries will reach 300million and 460million respectively.

TWS耳机电池新赛道 亿纬/欣旺达/鹏辉/赣锋“领跑”

It is understood that the TWS supporting battery mainly includes the button battery inside the headset and the charging boxSoft pack battery。 In addition to talking and listening to music, TWS headphones also include more intelligent functions, such as heart rate monitoring, interaction with smart phone voice assistant, etc. more application scenarios need to consume additional power. Since the power consumption of TWS earphones is greater than that of other Bluetooth earphones, it is suitable for TWS earphonesThe battery needs to have the characteristics of high energy density, small volume and good sealing.

At present, the world's mainstream TWS headphones have been adoptedThe button batteryButton battery will also become the trend of TWS headset battery in the future. The size of button battery is easier to standardize and more suitable for smart wear. For example, varta cp1254 button lithium battery is adopted by Bose, Samsung and many other international well-known brands. Industry insiders predict that in the future, in addition to TWS headphones, more wearable devices and Internet of things devices will use button batteries.

Since the beginning of this year, affected by the COVID-19, the global economy has faced a certain production crisis. The shortage of overseas TWS battery supporting capacity has brought greater opportunities to domestic TWS battery suppliers, and some manufacturers are stepping up to expand production capacity.

In March this year, Yiwei lithium energy announced the plan for non-public offering of A-shares, with a total fund-raising of no more than 2.5 billion yuan forLithium ion batteryExpand production. Among them, 1.05 billion yuan of the raised funds will be invested in the bean (button) lithium-ion battery project of TWS application. As of December 31, 2019, Yiwei lithium energy's capacity utilization rate and production and sales rate of consumer lithium-ion batteries, including bean lithium-ion batteries, are close to 100%. Yiwei lithium energy urgently needs to expand its production to meet the demand of orders.

It is understood that,Yiwei lithium has been developing TWS earphone batteries since a few years ago,The "golden bean" battery developed for Samsung has passed the certification and has been supplied in batches at present; Its cooperation with apple, Huawei and other companies is also being actively promoted. It is expected that this year the companyThe shipment of TWS earphone batteries is expected to reach 50million-100million.It is worth noting that the TWS headphone index soared last year, and the annual shipment of Yiwei lithium energy increased by 219% in 2019.

At present, power battery manufacturers are also under great pressure. Exploring the TWS headset market has become an important reason for many battery manufacturers to transform and make profits. From the perspective of TWS headphone supply chain manufacturers,In addition to Yiwei lithium energy, battery manufacturers currently entering the TWS headset market include Penghui energy, Ganfeng lithium, LG Chemical, Valta, ATL, Guoguang electronics, vittori, Zhijian technology, Zijian electronics, etc.

A few days ago,GP energySaid that the existing capacity of TWS earphone battery of the company will be expanded to60million annually,In the future, the production capacity will be flexibly adjusted according to the market demand. According to battery china.com, the rechargeable button battery newly developed and produced by Penghui energy has the characteristics of fast charging, long cycle life, high safety and reliable structure and wide range of operating temperature.

It is reported that at present, the main customer groups of GP button batteries include Harman, TCL, sannuo, haoen, Jiahe, Kejia, etc. Among them, Harman TWS earphone battery is independently supplied by Penghui. Securities institutions believe that GP TWS battery has stable quality and excellent market feedback, and is expected to enter more TWS downstream enterprises at home and abroad in the future.

In addition,Ganfeng lithiumRecently, the company also said that at presentThe daily shipment of button batteries for TWS headphones can reach 100000-120000.Ganfeng lithium began to lay out TWS headphone batteries at the beginning of 2018, and its TWS headphone battery shipments reached 50000 / day by the end of 2019. Due to the large market demand and short supply of orders, Ganfeng lithium is actively improving the capacity of TWS headphone batteries. The company plans to increase the capacity of TWS headphone batteries to 200000-250000 / day in the fourth quarter of 2020.

It is understood that Gan Feng lithium TWS battery adopts a soft shell and a hard shell that are tightly fastened up and down, which improves the tightness of the battery, greatly reduces the leakage of liquid, reduces electromagnetic interference, and improves the performance and stability of the battery. Compared with the traditional route, the battery is safer and more applicable. "The patents of button battery mainly focus on structural design. The company has applied for more than 30 patents, and holding patents is conducive to the expansion of downstream customers." The relevant person in charge of Ganfeng lithium said.

Benefiting from the growing demand for TWS headphones,XinwangdaLi Wei, a consumer electronics core company, has developed rapidly. At present, Dongguan Li Wei has gradually entered the supply chain of Huawei, oppo and other enterprises, and the capacity is in short supply. With the release of the new capacity of Dongguan Li Wei, its market share is expected to further increase. Xinwangda said,The small battery of TWS headphone charging box will also continue to increase in volume,In addition, the increase of 5g mobile phone battery capacity will bring new profit growth points to the company.

It is understood that TWS earphone market is in a period of rapid growth, and TWS battery has maintained a high gross profit margin. GP has said that TWS headphone batteries are expected to continue to explode in 2020, and the shipment of button batteries will double,The gross profit margin is in the range of 50% - 70%, becoming the largest performance growth point. It can be seen that this is much higher than the gross profit margin of less than 20% for power batteries.

At present, the high-end marketTWS headset batteryThe unit price is 20~30 yuan, 15~20 yuan in the middle-end market and less than 10 yuan in the low-end market. In the future, TWS earphone market will continue to be in the stage of rapid development. According to the Research Report of CITIC Securities, considering two earphone cells and a battery in the charging compartment for a TWS, it is estimated that the market scale of TWS earphone battery will be about 11.1 billion yuan in 2020 and 20.9 billion yuan by 2025, with a five-year compound growth rate of about 13%.

From the perspective of technology trends, the requirements of TWS headphones for batteries in the future are smaller and smaller, but higher and higher capacity. According to the analysis of insiders, as more manufacturers are involved in TWS headphone battery business, the competition in the industry will grow rapidly, which is bound to bring a more rigorous test to the long-term operation ability and product competitiveness of enterprises.

In the future, opportunities and challenges coexist in the TWS headset battery market.

Article source:Battery China

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