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Hello, December | live up to time and yourself!


Hello, December | live up to time and yourself!

Time flies, suddenly

2019 is coming to an end

In this season, the cold wind is crisp

Boundless falling wood, rustling

Everything in the world is complicated

Leave the old and welcome the new, and change the flavor


Hello, December

Never had a long time to come

There are only years in a hurry

We always think days are slow

There is plenty of time to waste

Looking back, but no longer young

The balance of 2019 is insufficient

This year has also come to an end

The new starting point is not far away

It's like a touch of green pulled out of the withered yellow

A clump of new red blooming in the snow

This year, we have gained something

Learn to be tough and determined to move forward

Today's pain is the footnote of tomorrow

Learn to be transparent, open-minded and optimistic

Don't ask for anything, and don't regret it

Learn to be relieved and laugh it off

Mount Tai collapsed in front of him, and he remained calm

This year, we have grown

Maybe I missed some people and things

But also encountered a better existence

Maybe there is regret, regret, regret

But also got more unexpected surprises

Life is often unhappy

There are only two or three people worth mentioning

Even if you wipe your shoulders here, the beauty of fireworks

You can also encounter bright flowers elsewhere


There is wind and snow, and there is warm sun

There is snow, winter solstice and Christmas

We passed the wind, facing the snow

Still in the ordinary daily life

Make every day prosperous

Leave some time for yourself and return to the original heart of life

Try to like something and enjoy the new time in December

Live a hard life with willing love

"The swallow has gone, and there is a time to come again;

Willows wither, and there is a time when they are green again;

The peach blossom is withered, and it will bloom again. "

In this last month

May our efforts throughout the year,

All here are fruitful and brilliant;

May all regrets in this year,

All become unexpected surprises in 2020!

Live up to the years, live up to yourself!

I would like to share with you my humble article.


I wish you happiness, not only today!

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