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Activity review | elite of Lijia company prepare for 2020!


Is one plus one really greater than two?
"A single thread does not make a line, and a single tree does not make a forest",
If the team is not united,
Any power is small!

Elite preparation
We had an activity


Last Saturday, December 14, Guancheng was bright and clear

After a week of preparation, led by general manager Zhu of Lijia companyPassionateof26 young elitesGo to the big barrier Forest Park, wander in the green mountains and waters, carry out innovative quality development activities, actively prepare for 2020, and launch the group's first shot to run the 2020 lithium battery battlefield.


The theme of this event is "elite of Lilai group preparing for 2020!", For the purpose of uniting and motivating the elites of Lijia company, in addition to enhancing the feelings between colleagues, making colleagues feel the importance of tacit cooperation of the team, it also enhances the sense of belonging of team members, highlights the sense of team competition and enterprising, and stimulates the indomitable spirit of the team!

On the other hand, on the day of the event, this passionate and lovingranksHow can we lack the sharp tool to promote feelings - interesting teamwork games! As for the difficulty coefficient of each game item in the challenge, please see the following video:

Lilai group elite preparation 2020 video

(video is recommended to watch in WiFi environment)

After the activity, Zhang Gong concluded:
Even the most tacit team in the world is not born with a soul! They must be through many times of repeated practice, repeated communication to find the best practice method, in order to cooperate properly. In our multiplayer game, colleagues randomly match the spacing between men and women, and everyone shouts slogans together. After continuous practice, communication and coordination, we found the best way to cooperate with our team, and only in repeated practice again and again did we succeed in the challenge. Mutual communication, mutual trust and cooperation make us more tacit understanding.


In this outdoor quality development activity, colleagues deeply felt the importance of effective communication.The activity strengthened everyone's communication, deepened their feelings, and cultivated team cohesion and tacit understanding;And make us feel the love and warmth of our colleagues' mutual love, solidarity and mutual trust.

640.webp (1).jpg

One person walks fast

A group of people go far

Set out with the right person

No matter when you arrive, the journey will be wonderful

A little shallow and calm

Through the vicissitudes of time

May we always be young and full of tears!

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