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Can self built power cells save domestic third-party pack enterprises?


Third partyPACKEnterprise leaderPraid"Lost" to othersPACKEnterprises have sounded the alarm.

Currently,Oriental SeikoWith its subsidiary Prader abouttwo thousand and eighteenThe dispute over the annual performance profit and loss is still fermenting. Although both sides hold their own opinions about their respective profits and losses, the evidence of one side cannot stand scrutiny, and the lie will eventually be punctured.

At present, the dispute between the two sides lies in who will bear the blame.

two thousand and seventeenyearfourIn September, Dongfang Seikoforty-seven point five oneAcquire Prader for a consideration of 100 million yuan to form goodwillforty-one point four twoThe counterparties, Beida Xianxian, Ningde times, BAIC industrial investment, Futian Automobile and Qinghai Puren, made high performance compensation.

The reason why we believe that Prader has not fulfilled its performance commitment is that Dongfang Seiko said that Prader purchased from Ningde times in the reporting periodthirtyFor raw materials such as 100 million yuan of batteries, the price of this related party transaction is unfair, so the unfair part of the related party purchase pricing is adjusted to increase the capital reserve; In addition, the profits generated by the related transaction formed by Prader's purchase of power battery products from Ningde times and their resale to Foton automobile (directly delivered by Ningde times to Foton automobile) will not be recognized.

Today, Oriental Seiko proposes praidtwo thousand and eighteenAnnual losstwo point one nineBillion yuan, the performance commitment is not completed, and the goodwill is impairedthirty-eight point four eightBillion yuan, and compensate the compensation obligors Beida Xianxian, Ningde times, BAIC industrial investment, Futian Automobile and Qinghai Purentwenty-six point four fiveRMB100mn

However, Prader obviously didn't want to carry the pot. staytwo thousand and eighteenAt the media briefing on the truth of business performance in, he saidtwo thousand and eighteenAnnual company profitthreeAbout 100 million yuan, which negates the statement of Oriental Seiko. In this regard, Oriental Seiko also denied Plaid's denial.

For Dongfang Seiko's huge compensation claim, BAIC Foton, Ningde times and other companies also said "ha ha".

It is worth noting that regardless of whether the allegations of Dongfang Seiko are true or whether Prader's self-defense is persuasive, Prader has not completed ittwo thousand and eighteenIt is an indisputable fact that the annual performance is gambling, and the gross profit margin and price of products have fallen sharply.

This also shows that although backed by BAIC, Ningde times, BAIC Foton and other vehicle and power battery giants, Prader's market competitiveness has declined significantly, while other third partiesPACKThe pressure of enterprises is self-evident.

In fact, in the sharp decline of subsidies and the acceleration of self construction by car and battery enterprisesPACKUnder the pressure of the third partyPACKThe living space of enterprises has been severely squeezed. Due to the complete dependence on external procurement of electric cells, third partiesPACKEnterprises are more vulnerable to the price reduction and abandonment of the host plant, and the market competitiveness is declining.

In addition to self built from the main engine factory and battery factoryPACKUnder the pressure of enterprises, domestic third partiesPACKThe enterprise is also facing the challenge of more powerful international new entrants.

get intotwo thousand and nineteenShort yearsfourMonths, more thanfourHome auto partsTier1The enterprise announced to enter or increase the power batteryPackField.

National powertrain supplierBorgwana, the world's largest manufacturer of automotive skylightsWebastoNeusoft groupMarch into the power battery with international giants such as alpai, the global brand of vehicle information equipmentPACKField, which will be beneficial to domestic third partiesPACKEnterprises have a strong impact on domesticPACKThe competitive pattern of the market has a great impact.

Facing multiple pressures, domestic third partiesPACKEnterprises believe that they should take the initiative to reverse the passive competition, and building their own battery factory is considered a feasible way out.

Advanced lithium battery intwo thousand and nineteenAccording to the nationwide supply chain survey in, there are already manyPACKEnterprises are building their own cell factories or have such plans to get rid of the passive situation of being controlled by others in this way.

For example,3Clithium batteryPACKLeading enterprisesXinwangdaHuizhou phase I2GWhThe power cell production line has been put into operation and can be produced215Wh/kgHigh specific energy square ternary power cell. The other two new production lines will also be put into production, which will not only doubleBEVCell capacity, will also haveHEVMass production capacity of cell.

At the same time, Xinwangda also plans to investone hundred and twentyBillion yuan to establish a power battery production base in Nanjing to produce power battery cells, modules and systems, with a total capacity of30GWh

In addition,Suzhou ankuIt is also accelerating the strategic pace of self built power cells. Company intwo thousand and eighteenIn, it successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with many battery enterprises, such as GuoXuan high tech, Hengdian dongci, Henan Xinquan, Yinlong new energy, and announced that it wouldthirty-twoCarry out comprehensive cooperation in the field of series batteries, jointly develop series products and jointly constructthirty-twoSeries battery and system integration enterprise.two thousand and nineteenIn, itsthirty-twoSeries of cells will be officially put into production, gradually realizing the switching of cells from complete outsourcing to partial self supply.

abovePACKThe enterprise believes that,At present, the power battery market is highly competitive, and the third partyPACKOnly by mastering the core technology can enterprises participate in the future market competition, and the self built power cell factory may bePACKThe key for enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness.

Let's take a look at the new technologies and major events in the lithium battery industry this week.

oneResearch and development of Argonne LaboratoryPEDOTCoating solves the cathode problem

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Department of energy(DOE)Argonne National Laboratory has developed a new positive electrode coating technology using oxidative chemical vapor deposition technology to ensure the safety of lithium batteries from the positive and negative conductive process to the battery after multiple cycles.

Researchers and battery scientists at Argonne LaboratoryKhalilAmineSaid that the cathode coating technology can solve the problems in the manufacturing process of multiple lithium batteries at the same time.

During the research,AmineAnd other researchers extracted particles from nickel manganese cobalt cathode materials and used a method calledPEDOTThe sulfur-containing polymer wraps it. When the battery is charged and discharged, this polymer provides a layer of protection for the positive electrode from the battery electrolyte.

Traditional coating only protects μmThe size of the positive particle surface makes its interior easy to crack. butPEDOTThe coating can penetrate the interior of the positive particles, adding an additional shielding layer.

In addition,PEDOTThe polymer can not only prevent the chemical reaction between cathode material and electrolyte, but also allow the transmission of lithium ions and electrons. It can improve the electronic and ionic conductivity of the battery, and improve the safety and cycle performance of the battery at the same time.

Comments: in fact, coating or coating with special materials on the surface of cathode materials has been increasingly used in the current lithium battery manufacturing process, mainly to improve the safety performance of batteries. At present, many battery enterprises and laboratories have carried out research on coating materials, and the effect is obvious.

twoPublic announcementtenBillion euro battery plant in Germany

According to foreign media reports, the public infivemonththirteenThe company will investtenBillion euros(About RMBseventy-sevenRMB100mn), in lowersaxony, GermanySalzgitterThe factory produces power batteries. The plan has been approved by the Volkswagen supervisory board.

It is reported that Volkswagen plans totwo thousand and twentyInvestment before the yeareight point sevenBillion euros(approximately amount tosixty-sevenRMB 100 million)Develop electric vehicle parts. The newly opened battery department in salzgit Town, Saxony will be responsible for the manufacture of batteries and battery packs, and supervise the recycling of old batteries.

supervisory board chairmanHansDieterPötsch"As part of our comprehensive electrification offensive, we plan to ensure battery capacity through strategic cooperation. At the same time, we also hope to expand our capacity in Europe, so as to support our growth plan," he said

Volkswagen believes that "it will take at least three years to establish a battery factory" for the construction of this battery factory. At the same time, according to the speed of the approval process, it is expected to make a final decision on the overall plan and the actual total investment before the end of the year.

Comments: Volkswagen has made it clear that it wants to build its own battery factory, indicating that the implementation of its comprehensive electrification strategic plan requires more supply guarantee of high-quality batteries, and also shows a high degree of dependence onLGChemical dissatisfaction and anxiety. In addition to self construction, Volkswagen will also cooperate withSKICooperation in the construction of battery factories is also to avoid being completely subject toLGChemical counterattack. But at present, the public depends onLGThe current situation of chemistry is difficult to change in the short term.

Source: Gaogong lithium power grid

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