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India's new energy market "awakens" Chinese lithium battery enterprises to take the lead


As the third pole that accelerates the deployment of electrification after China and Europe,IndiaThe new energy market is "awakening".

formulatetwo thousand and thirtyIn, all new cars achieved the electrification goal, and China was invited to participate in the implementation of the electrification plan for a period of timethreeyearone thousandCrore(approximately amount toninety-fourRMB 100 million)A series of measures show that the Indian government is determined to develop the new energy market.

India's firm belief in promoting energy reform and upgrading comes from the serious pollution caused by its rapid development, which has led to long-term suffering from air pollution. According to the World Health Organization(WHO)two thousand and eighteenData published in, the worldtwentyAmong the cities with the most serious pollution,fourteenOf them are from India. At the same time, the scarcity of oil resources is also a major internal reason why India advocates the development of new energy.

From the perspective of electrification path, the strategy of the Indian government is,Promote the development of the industry through government procurement, supply side incentives and other measures, and tend to go from low to high,That is, starting with the electrification of two and three wheels, we will gradually realize the full replacement of the electrification of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and initially start the construction of lithium battery energy storage power stations.

Due to the late layout of new energy electrification in India, there is no real production in China at presentLithium ion batteryEnterprises. Therefore, aiming at the opportunities brought by the development of India's new energy market, including Japanese and Korean battery giants and domestic leading battery enterprises, they have begun to brush their hands on India's new energy market.

New energy vehicle market

the near future,GuoXuan high techWholly owned subsidiary and IndiaTata AutoCompJoint venturePackThe company has also drawn people's attention to India's new energy market.

It is not difficult to see that GuoXuan high tech intends to cooperate with India's largest automobile companyTataIts component suppliersTata AutoCompCooperation, forTataNew energy vehicles provide lithium battery modules andPackas well asBMSAnd then explore the Indian market with broad prospects for new energy vehicles.

Before that,Jiawei XinnengAlso said that the company has been in cooperation with IndiaIPLThe company signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Within five years from the signing, the latter plans to purchase the power battery system supporting 10000 pure electric heavy trucks from Jiawei Xinneng. This time andIPLThe company's cooperation projects are mainly supporting lithium iron phosphate batteries.

While purchasing batteries, India is also planning to build the largest lithium battery super factory in China. The project is defined as part of the promotion of "made in India", and the capacity planning was initially1GWhGradually rise to the highest30GWh。 However, the specific start-up date and details have not been determined.

On the other hand, when the Chinese market is not progressing as expected,LGWhile urgently seeking new markets, chem is also targeting the Indian market.two thousand and eighteenyearthreeMonth,LGChemical signed a strategic agreement with Mahinda, an Indian car company,LGChemistry will design lithium ion battery modules andPackThe cooperation agreement lasts forsevenIn, Ma Hengda will set up an annual production system for this purposefiftyAssembly line of 10000 batteries, estimatedtwo thousand and twentyYearoneOfficially started in the quarter.

stayLGIn the view of chemistry, in addition to medium and high-end models, the low-speed car and mini car market is a big cake that cannot be ignored in the world, and India's opportunities in the field of electric vehicles coincideLGChemical needs.

In terms of vehicle manufacturers,BYDIn India, it has begun to produce electric buses. In addition, BYD and its Indian partnersGold stoneAlso planned intwo thousand and twenty-oneyearthreeBefore the month, the annual production shall not be less thanfive thousandAn electric car. SAIC plans to invest in IndiafiveMillion U.S. dollars for new product research and development, and its wholly-owned subsidiary mg auto India will launch pure electric products in the near future.

At the same time, Chang'an motors, Hyundai Motors and Great Wall Motors have also announced that they will enter the Indian market, and great wall enterprises has begun to recruit for their automotive business in India.

Electric two wheeled and tricycle Market

According to the electric vehicle manufacturers association of India(SMEV)Data of,2017-2018In the fiscal year, the sales volume of electric vehicles in India was aboutfive point sixMillion, of which about90%It is a low-speed two wheel and three wheel electric vehicle. It can also be seen from this that the demand for lithium battery replacement in the two wheeled and three wheeled light vehicle market in India will be faster than that of new energy vehicles.

Gaogong lithium battery learned that although the Indian two wheel and three wheel light vehicle market is different from the Chinese market, it is very similar:oneThere is a large market base of two wheeled and three wheeled fuel vehicles, and there is a large space for lithium batteries to replace;twoThe promotion of the Indian government's subsidy policy for lithium batteries;threeAfter the lithium battery technology is improved and the cost performance reaches a certain balance point, the comprehensive switch of electrification will be realized.

two thousand and eighteenyeartenIn June, Xingheng power set up a subsidiary in New Delhi, taking the lead in planning the lithium battery replacement market for Indian two wheeled vehicles and tricycles.

Xingheng power said that the establishment of India Xingheng is a key step in the overseas localization process of Xingheng. On the one hand, its establishment is conducive to Xingheng providing more direct and fast services to Indian customers, mainly including localized technical support and high-quality customer service; On the other hand, it is also conducive to Xingheng to consolidate the cooperative relationship with many partners and expand the local customer market in India.

According to the market planning path, Xingheng power will also fully enter the Indian four-wheel vehicle and energy storage market, and make full efforts in various application fields, laying a solid foundation for Xingheng's overseas localized manufacturing.

From the perspective of technical route, India prefers power exchange. According to the calculation of Indian researchers, cities like New Delhi30-40Set up a battery replacement station in km to provide electric tricycles and buses to replace batteries, which will take no more thantenminute. It will contribute to the further promotion of electrification in India's new energy market.

At present, the "shared power exchange" mode, which is in full swing in China's two wheeled vehicle market, is also expected to be introduced into the Indian market in the near future.

Energy storage market

Driven by the construction boom of large-scale renewable energy power generation projects and the upgrading and transformation of power grid infrastructure, India's energy storage market has also shown an extremely active trend.

India has also formulated a plan totwo thousand and twenty-twoThe annual installed capacity is225GWThe huge goal of renewable energy power generation. reachtwo thousand and twenty-sevenIn, India's power grid may also need46GWPeak power capacity of.

Indian energy storage industry alliance(IESA)chairmanDeepakThakurFor the futuretenAccording to the development route of battery technology in, the demand for lead-acid batteries in India's energy storage market will enter a rapid decline range, and the demand for lithium batteries will grow rapidly, which will be a huge opportunity for the energy storage market and battery manufacturers.

Relevant data show that India's power consumption growth remains at5.4%-5.7%The compound annual growth rate of all energy is3.7%-4.5%。 In order to reconcile the contradiction between the rapidly expanding industrial production scale and the increasingly urgent demand of the growing middle class for stable power supply, it is imperative to stimulate the application potential of energy storage.

In terms of progress, this yeartwoIn August, India's first grid level lithium battery energy storage system was officially put into use, with a large scale10MW/10MWh。 The project is also known by India as a project of "strategic importance".

BYD said that the company would provideBYD20ftContainerized energy storage system helps India solve the power quality problems of factories in remote areas and improve the utilization rate of renewable energy power generation.

Haisidatwo thousand and eighteenIn, it also won a large order for energy storage in India. At present, production and delivery have been completed for the companytwo thousand and eighteenThe development in laid a good foundation.

From the perspective of the strategic layout of Chinese lithium battery enterprises, in addition to BYD and haisida, Xingheng power, Penghui energy, toppon lithium, etc. all listed India's energy storage in the "list of key markets".

Source: Gaogong lithium power grid

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