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Ningde times will launch lithium iron phosphate battery for energy storage


"2018 isEnergy storageIn the first year of, the global energy storage market exploded in 2019, and this rapid growth momentum is expected to last for at least 3-5 years. It should be said that the spring of energy storage has arrived, and the future development prospects will be very good, which is a great opportunity for industry participants. " Wang Wei, director of energy storage business of Ningde times, said in an interview with battery China during the 2019 energy storage international summit and exhibition.

According to Wang Wei, energy storage is the core business of catl in Ningde era and plays an irreplaceable role in the whole enterprise strategy. Wang Wei's view on the energy storage industry is: "in recent years, the energy storage industry is in the stage of demonstration and application. We contact various demand applications through various demonstration projects to understand energy storagelithium batteryAll kinds of performance requirements and characteristics lay the foundation for the future, which is somewhat different from other business projects. " Wang Wei revealed that since 2018, Ningde times has increased its global layout of energy storage business.

Wang Wei said that up to now, Ningde times has participated in many energy storage projects, but less publicity. For example, the national grid Fengguang storage and transmission demonstration project located in Zhangbei, Hebei Province, is a national energy storage demonstration project built by Ningde times in 2011, with a delivery of 16mwh; The second phase of the user side commercial energy storage and charging project undertaken in Beijing International Trade Building in 2016 has been constructed; In 2016, he did the largest commercial energy storage project in Qinghai Golmud at that time.

For the current development of the global energy storage market, Wang Wei believes that China's power grid is relatively strong, while the power grids of many overseas countries are relatively weak. At the same time, the application of new energy such as wind photovoltaic in western developed countries is booming. From these two perspectives, the demand of foreign energy storage market is very strong, and the projects are relatively standardized.

In China, at present, the mainstream market of energy storage is the power grid side and power generation side. Due to the diversity of demand on the user side, there are many kinds of solutions, so the scale effect is not obvious. In Wang Wei's view, China has made great efforts in the field of power reform, which has a positive impact on the application of grid side energy storage. Since 2018, the application of domestic grid side energy storage has gradually increased, and China has also begun to slowly come to the forefront of the world in this field.

Wang Wei said that the energy storage products in Ningde era have gone through several technical iterations. However, from the current global energy storage market, the system maturity of some energy storage products in the market needs to be improved. "Before the energy storage products of all suppliers in the industry have gone through enough time of stable operation and iterative optimization, we hope that the industry will not quickly enter the stage of price war. The energy storage system manages a large amount of energy, so it is important to stabilize the energy storage products, so as to make the whole industry develop healthily in the long term."

"At present, there are many technical routes for energy storage, which are in the 'spring and Autumn' period and the blooming period, but ultimately which technical route can occupy the mainstream depends on whether it has the opportunity to effectively reduce the cost of the entire industrial chain, which is more economical than the previous lead-acid batteries, pumped storage, etc." According to Wang Wei,Lithium batteryPool energy storage is the most promising. Because it relies on the large-scale and rapid development ofPower lithium battery, which greatly drives the cost reduction of energy storage lithium battery. The decline in costs will further promote the growth of the energy storage market, which is a virtuous cycle.

"Ningde times has achieved the world leading level in the two mainstream lithium battery technology routes of lithium iron phosphate and ternary, which is our advantage." Wang Wei said that Ningde era mainly promotes lithium iron phosphate batteries with high safety in the field of energy storage, while mainstream Battery Companies in Japan and South Korea only have ternary batteries, which is also a major advantage of China's energy storage industry. It is understood that Ningde era has 271ah, 100 ah, 92 ah and other energy storage batteries, covering three system products: long-life, power and energy.

Wang Wei told battery China network that the safety of energy storage is systematic. In addition to the safety of battery cells, there are also electrical safety, power grid system access safety, etc., as well as the safety of container air conditioning, thermal management and fire protection system. It is a relatively complex project.

Wang Wei said that the performance requirements of batteries for energy storage and new energy vehicles are very different. Batteries for energy storage require longer and safer life, while automotive power batteries require smaller volume, higher energy density and better power characteristics. The two are actually different technical routes. He said that in the past, because the scale of the industry was still small, the industry used power lithium batteries as energy storage. This phenomenon will change after the explosive growth of the energy storage industry in 2019. Ningde times will launch high safety and long-life lithium iron phosphate battery products for energy storage in 2019.

Previously, Huang Shilin, vice chairman of Ningde times, said that the lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery with a cycle life of more than 10000 times in Ningde times in 2018 has been produced in small quantities and will be mass produced in 2019. According to the calculation of Ningde times, the comprehensive storage cost of electricity will be less than 0.25 yuan by 2020.

"Our most important work is to do a good job in the core product of energy storage - lithium battery, which is stable enough, safe enough, and more suitable for the actual requirements of customers for energy storage. This is our goal." Wang Wei said.

    Article source:Battery China Network

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