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[original] electronic cigarette makes a fortune. Lithium battery enterprises take advantage of the trend


E-cigarette is an industry that makes a lot of money. The industry standard of e-cigarette is still missing. Compared with the influx of brand entrepreneurs, most enterprises in the industrial chain behind it are low-key.

A person in the e-cigarette industry told the high tech lithium battery about the current situation of the industry. Before the new national standard is implemented, the e-cigarette industry still has a window period that can run rapidly.

Gaogong lithium battery noticed that,In recent years, various capitals have made heavy bets, and the market space has increased significantly. The e-cigarette market has hit the market "nerve" of lithium battery enterprises.

On the one hand, lithium batteries account for 10% to 30% of the cost of e-cigarettes. With the cross-border attack of Internet entrepreneurs, the online market has grown rapidly, and lithium battery suppliers have also paid off.

Among them,Fengjiang batteryH1 revenue was 127million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 20.95%, and the proportion of revenue increased from 63.81% to 81.04%.Yiwei lithium energyIn 2018, the sales of lithium-ion batteries for electronic cigarettes reached 114 million, an increase of 153% year-on-year.

On the other hand, the layout of e-cigarette business has also brought huge profits to lithium battery listed companies. In addition to the supply of lithium batteries, h.1 billion Wei lithium received 368million yuan of investment income from mcwell, accounting for 72.91% of the total profit.

In November, 2018,Yinghe TechnologyIt acquired 51% equity of scholl, which is engaged in the research, production and marketing of electronic cigarettes. In the first half of this year, the company's e-cigarette business achieved an operating revenue of 135 million yuan and a net profit of 38.5672 million yuan. The company received Skoll cash dividends of 16.656 million yuan, accounting for 10.53% of the current net profit.

The data of lithium battery listed companies confirm the rapid growth of e-cigarette industry. The growth of industry data comes from the expanding market capacity demand of the global e-cigarette industry itself, and the domestic e-cigarette market is also running rapidly before the introduction of the new national standard.

The growth of downstream market has driven the growth of lithium battery demand. At present, domestic electronic cigarette lithium battery suppliers includeATL, Liwei, Yiwei, fengjiang battery, juheyuan, Zhijian TechnologyAnd more than 40 lithium battery enterprises. With the implementation of the new national standard, what impact will it have on e-cigarettes and industrial chain enterprises?

Before the implementation of the new national standard, the market ran wild

Statistics show that in the first half of 2019, e-cigarette shipments and sales increased significantly, especially online sales. In the first half of this year, the online sales of the e-cigarette industry reached 1.089 billion yuan, an increase of 90.96% year-on-year.

A person in charge of e-cigarette brand revealed that there was a certain moisture in the e-commerce sales data, but it is certain that the volume of e-commerce platforms is increasing, and this moisture will increase in the second half of the year. Because of the carnival of the activities of major e-commerce platforms, there will definitely be businesses that brush their orders to improve their store rankings to promote transactions. Many brand businesses are already brushing their orders in "618".

"In a sense, this is also a way for e-cigarette manufacturers to quickly market through special means before the introduction of the new national standard.Then get more investment attention with various figures. "

It is undeniable that more and more Internet entrepreneurs cross into the field of e-cigarettes, and brand marketing and Internet thinking are their natural advantages. With the addition of tmall, jd.com and other e-commerce platforms, although there is some moisture in the sales data of e-commerce platforms, this does not affect the further explosion of e-cigarette sales in the Internet channel.

"The Internet already accounts for 21% of the sales channels of e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette industry usually enters the peak sales season from September. Driven by e-commerce activities, the sales of e-cigarette Q4 online channels will further increase." The above-mentioned person in charge said that the upcoming new national standard made the industry a little "panicked", and everyone also hoped to rush ahead of the standard and make a wave in sales.

At present, the top e-cigarette brands in online sales includeYueke, iqos, ferro, gippro, Juul, ShanlanAmong them, Yueke achieved sales of 1.3855 million pieces in the first half of the year, stabilizing the position of the e-cigarette brand.

What kind of lithium battery does electronic cigarette need?

Lithium battery is one of the core components of electronic cigarette. According to the classification of reusability, electronic cigarettes can be divided into disposable cigarettes (unable to be recharged and reused, and discarded when the cigarette oil is used up), disposable cigarette cartridge electronic cigarettes (the cigarette cartridge is separated from the cigarette rod, and the cigarette rod battery can be recharged for use), and oilable electronic cigarettes (rechargeable and recycled, and the cigarette cartridge has a long service life). At the same time, divide according to smoke"Little smoke"and"Smoke"

Different types of e-cigarettes have different performance, size and requirements for lithium batteries.At present, the demand for lithium batteries for electronic cigarettes is mainly built-in polymer lithium batteries, including cylindrical and square shapes.

An e-cigarette lithium battery supplier said that the conventional discharge current of the built-in battery of the e-cigarette is 1.2A, and the discharge rate is basically above 5C. When the electronic cigarette works, the built-in battery will produce high temperature. Considering the temperature generated during work, the electronic cigarette battery, especially the circulating battery, is generally required to be able to withstand a high temperature above 65 ℃.

Among them,"Little smoke"The diameter of the battery used is 4-10mm, the length is 20-110mm, and the capacity is 50-1000mah. The requirements of the small smoke battery are small size, high discharge rate, high energy density, fast charge and long cycle, and low self discharge rate.

"Smoke"The diameter of the battery is 13-26mm, the length is 30-80mm, and the capacity is 500-3000mah. The requirements of smoke on the battery are large size, high safety, and high power.

"Considering the volume, unit density, capacity and bending performance of the battery, battery manufacturers must also improve their shape and appearance concept of restricting e-cigarettes from the application of new materials." The person said.

It is worth noting that at present, there are more than 4000 e-cigarette manufacturers with different shapes, and the corresponding lithium battery processing requirements do not uniformly adopt the male mold with the same size, resulting in a number of open mold verification, resulting in high costs.

At the same time, the lack of e-cigarette industry standards is also affecting the development trend of the industry to a certain extent.

What is the impact of the new national standard?

In June this year, the official website of the National Standards Commission showed that the "mandatory standard for electronic cigarettes" (the new national standard) has entered the formal approval stage. There are various signs that the new national standard of e-cigarettes is expected to be introduced in the near future.

According to the "draft of the new national standard for electronic cigarettes" circulated in the industry, there are more clear and stringent requirements for cigarette sets, cigarette oils, emissions and lithium batteries.

An industry source said that if the circulated draft standards are strictly followed, 80% of players can't do it except for the head brand, which will inevitably lead to the reshuffle of the industry. The reshuffle of e-cigarette enterprises will inevitably involve the change of market share of lithium battery suppliers. At the same time, lithium battery enterprises will also face the pressure of product upgrading.

Gaogong lithium battery learned that at present, lithium batteries for electronic cigarettes need to passGB 31241However, this is only an ordinary lithium-ion battery testing requirement. Because the electronic cigarette uses a high rate lithium-ion battery, it has the characteristics of high energy density, high average output voltage, long cycle life and so on. More standardized and corresponding inspection standards and regulatory constraints are needed.

Industry insiders disclosed to Gaogong lithium battery,The new national standard for electronic cigarettes is expected to be introduced in October this year.

At present, the Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute will jointly formulate the e-cigarette group standard with the e-cigarette alliance. Considering that some products of e-cigarettes are disposable FMCG products, the requirements for the detection of lithium batteries in the standard will also be formulated separately according to the characteristics of different product categories.

"In order to quickly respond to the demand for standards in the e-cigarette market, the group standards formulated this time will be higher than the national standards, and complement the new national standards, leading the development of industries and enterprises." He Longping, project engineer of Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute, said.

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