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GGII: cause analysis of output value fluctuation of four key materials of Q2 lithium battery


According to the lithium battery research institute of high industry and research(GGII)Survey statistics,two thousand and nineteenMarket scale of four major lithium battery materials in the second quarter ofone hundred and seventy-one point six nineBillion yuan, down year-on-year6.53%

Market scale of cathode materialsone hundred and fourteen point six sevenBillion yuan, accounting for the total market size66.78%; Negative electrode materialthirty point zero nineBillion yuan, accounting for17.53%Negative electrode materialeighteen point fourBillion yuan, accounting for10.72%; the diaphragmeight point five threeBillion yuan, accounting for4.97%

2019 Q2Analysis of market scale and shipment volume of four lithium battery materials in China


Note: the shipment volume and market scale include the part produced and sold by the enterprise itself; Diaphragm market size excluding coated diaphragm

Data source: lithium battery research institute of advanced industry and research(GGII),two thousand and nineteenyearsevenmonth

Comparing the market changes of the four key materials in the first quarter, the output value of cathode materials and electrolyte increased to varying degrees year-on-year, while the output value of cathode materials and diaphragm decreased.

2019 Q2The output value of cathode materials fell year-on-year16.84%, with year-on-year growth in shipments50.69%。 The main reasons for the sharp decline in output value and the sharp increase in shipments are:

one)Affected by the sharp drop in the prices of lithium and cobalt in the upstream,2019Q2quarterLCONCMThe price of cathode materials fell year-on-year50%and34.9%Lower the overall output value of cathode materials;

two)In the second quarter, the market competition of lithium iron phosphate further intensified, and the price further fell, with a year-on-year decline37.3%

three)The price of lithium manganate was mainly affected by the fluctuation of upstream lithium manganate raw materials, with a year-on-year decline in the first quarter16%

2019 Q2The output value of cathode materials increased year on year34.31%, with year-on-year growth in shipments50.89%, the main reasons for the growth are:

one)In the second quarter, the domestic demand for lithium batteries, especially power batteries, increased significantly, driving the growth of the scale of cathode materials;

two)In the second quarter, the overseas market demand for natural graphite products continued the market demand in the first quarter, and was still further increased;

three)In the second quarter, the price of natural graphite still fell slightly, with a year-on-year decline5.6%

4)Due to the downward price of raw materials in the upstream of the negative pole and the control of production costs, the price of artificial graphite fell year-on-year in the second quarter10%

2019 Q2Electrolyte shipments increased year-on-year35.16%, market size increased year-on-year34.8%, mainly due to:

one)The decrease of downstream demand leads to the reduction of overall product shipments of electrolyte enterprises, and the actual growth of most enterprises is less than expected;

two)In the second quarter, affected by environmental protection policies, the prices of electrolyte related chemicals increased to varying degrees, resulting in a slight increase in the overall price of electrolyte, and the price of digital electrolyte increased year-on-year3.2%, the price of power electrolyte increased year on year7.5%; Electrolyte prices in the second quarter fell less than month on month1.5%It is mainly affected by the pressure transmission at the downstream market end and its own factors of improving quality and reducing cost;

three)The rapid expansion of production and shipment of power battery enterprises in Japan and South Korea, as well as the rapid growth of the global market at the energy storage end in the second quarter, further promoted the increase of electrolyte exports, thereby driving the rapid growth of domestic electrolyte shipments.

2019 Q2Diaphragm shipments increased year-on-year47.25%, the output value fell year-on-year9.16%, the main reasons are:

one)Battery enterprises are under pressure from end customers to reduce costs, forcing diaphragm enterprises to reduce prices in order to reduce the gross profit of the diaphragm;

two)The increase of downstream demand side output promotes the increase of upstream material side shipments;

three)Domestic diaphragm technology and localization rate of diaphragm have been further improved, enterprises have accelerated import substitution and domestic enterprises' export volume has increased;

four)In terms of output value,two thousand and nineteenDiaphragm prices fell further in the second quarter of, with wet diaphragm and dry single pull diaphragm prices falling by more than40%

Article source:High tech lithium power grid

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