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[copper foil weekly] in the first three quarters, the R & D expenses of copper foil manufacturers generally increased, and Peru "gave the green light" to the TIA Maria copper mine project


南方铜业14亿美元Tia Maria铜矿项目获秘鲁“开绿灯”

[International] the $1.4 billion TIA Maria copper project of Southern Copper won the "green light" from Peru

The TIA Maria copper mine project, which has been in dispute for several years, was finally given the green light by the Peruvian government to resume construction. However, the government warned that the Southern Copper Company could not promote the project if appropriate social and environmental conditions were not met.

The TIA Maria copper mine project is located in Arequipa region of Arequipa in southern Peru and is controlled by Southern Copper Company, the world's fifth largest copper producer. The mine is one of the largest undeveloped copper mines in the world, with an ore volume of 641 million tons and a copper grade of 0.39%. Southern Copper Company recently said in a statement that it plans to develop the project "within the framework of a more favorable social environment" and cooperate with local residents.

Peruvian Prime Minister Vicente Antonio sevalos Salinas said that the government recognizes the importance of private investment. Peru is the second largest copper producer in the world. The TIA Maria copper mine project is expected to produce 120000 tons of copper per year after its completion, with an expected service life of 20 years, which will help revitalize Peru's national economy. Its construction is regarded as the key to promoting investment in this industry. Manuel Fumagalli, chairman of the mining, oil and Energy Association of the country, said in a statement that "this is an important signal that will promote mining investment and the national economy." (source: Mining and metallurgy Park)

[output] the output of Tongling Nonferrous Dongguashan Copper Mine in the first nine months was 2.2882 million tons

A few days ago, Tongling Nonferrous Metals said that the mining area, the main production unit of Dongguashan Copper Mine, completed 2.2882 million tons of ore output from January to September, completing 102.9% of the plan, with a year-on-year increase of 0.3%. Continue to sprint the task of 32000 tons of copper throughout the year. (source: International derivatives think tank)

[company] Jiangdong electronic material copper foil phase I project was put into operation in February, with a sales output value of more than 300 million yuan

The first phase of Jiangdong electronic material copper foil project was officially put into operation in February this year. The monthly production of copper foil can reach 500 tons. So far, the sales output value has exceeded 300million yuan. " Cao Delin is the general manager of Jiangdong Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. he introduced that this new project located in Rudong economic development zone was built by Zhongtian Technology with an investment of 600million yuan. The electronic copper foil produced is the core material of circuit boards and batteries for new energy vehicles, 3C industry represented by smart phones, energy storage systems, aerospace and other products, and is widely used in 5g market, intelligent manufacturing, and new energy industry. "Our high tensile copper foil used to be mainly imported domestically. Now we produce international high-end products, which not only fills the gap in the domestic market, but also helps us further seize the high-end market." (source: Oriental Fortune)


[observation] Jiayuan technology 6 μ M product output accelerated

Xuruoxu, an analyst at Shenwan Hongyuan, said that Jiayuan technology is one of the few leading enterprises that has mastered the production capacity of ultra-thin lithium battery copper foil, with a high added value of 6 μ M lithium copper foil will gradually become the mainstream. In the long run, the power battery enterprises of new energy vehicles will closely follow the policy and the requirements of vehicle enterprises for energy density, accelerate the process of improving the material system and increasing the energy density, and become lighter and thinner μ M lithium battery copper foil will quickly become the mainstream, the company 6 μ The output of M products is accelerated, and the upgrading of product structure will ensure the sustainable profitability of the company in the future. (source: shenwanhongyuan)

[institution] global copper miners are moving forward in difficulties Institution: is copper expected to become a market star in 2020?

According to the world Bureau of metal statistics, global copper consumption in the first eight months of 2019 decreased by 2% compared with the same period last year, while production increased by 0.5% year-on-year. According to the prediction of the international copper research organization, the global copper supply is expected to exceed 281000 tons next year. Global copper prices may face downward pressure due to multiple factors such as the global economic slowdown, reduced copper demand, and intensified oversupply.

In 2019, the average copper price is expected to fall by 9% from last year to $2.69 per pound. Last year, the price reached $2.96 per pound. This year, experts predict that the copper price may continue to fall.

Although the copper market is not ideal this year, it has not affected the layout of copper mines by global mining giants. Recently, Kaitou macro, a well-known British economic research institution, said that its economist Bain stressed: "we expect the copper price to rebound. The net demand index shows that the actual demand growth of copper has slowed down, but it still exceeds the supply growth. In 2019, the supply growth of copper seems to shrink, and 2020 may still be weak. We also expect that the market demand for copper will gradually rebound in 2020."

Capital Economics predicts that copper prices will rise to $6800 per ton by the end of 2020, to $7500 per ton by the end of 2021, and to a high of nearly $10000 per ton by the end of 2025. (source: Changjiang nonferrous metals network)

[battery think tank]The R & D expenses of copper foil manufacturers generally increased in the first three quarters

In the first three quarters of this year, the R & D expenses of Shengyi technology, a major copper foil manufacturer, reached 439 million yuan; The R & D expenses of Jiangxi copper industry also exceeded 203million yuan; Tongling Nonferrous Metals' R & D expenses exceeded 93.1534 million yuan; The R & D expenses of Chaohua technology exceed 53million yuan; The R & D cost of Jiayuan technology is 43.3496 million yuan; Nord's R & D expenses were 25.7747 million yuan... Most enterprises' R & D expenses increased.

At present, the market demand for lithium battery copper foil has a decreasing trend, while the overcapacity trend is showing, and the R & D expenses are generally increasing. The competition among leading enterprises in the field of high-end copper foil is more intense.

Article source:Battery net

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