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Nano one develops new methods to produce high-performance cathode materials for lithium batteries at low cost


According to foreign media reports, on October 21 local time, Canada based nano one materials told investors that itslithium batteryThe related technology has obtained another U.S. patent. At present, the company's innovative achievements have been patented in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, China, Chinese Mainland, Japan and South Korea.

Nano One研发新方法 以低成本制高性能锂电池阴极材料

In short, the company developed a low-cost production of high-performanceLithium ion batteryMethod of cathode material. This material is called high-voltage spinel, which contains no cobalt and has a voltage of 4.7 V, which is higher than that of handheld devices andelectric vehicleThe voltage in the battery is 30% to 40% higher, and the battery made of it is expected to be used in the future electric vehiclesEnergy storageSystems and consumer electronics.

At present, nano one materials has established a demonstration pilot plant and cooperates with pulead (Peking University Pioneer Technology Industry Co., Ltd.), Volkswagen and Saint Gobain. It is worth noting that the company's technology manufactures single crystal particles rather than large masses of cathode materials, which can prevent cracking and degradation due to battery recharging, improve the durability of cathode materials, and enable electric vehicle manufacturers to significantly improve the battery life and endurance mileage.

At the same time, nano one is also using fewer steps and simpler materials, and using innovative technologies to manufacture such cathode materials. For example, Dr. Stephen Campbell, the chief scientist of nano one, said that the company had developed a coating technology for stabilizing the cathode of advanced lithium-ion batteries and applied for patents related to the coating technology.

Dr. Campbell explained, "the innovative coating can be directly applied to the particles of cathode materials without adding steps, which reduces the resistance and degradation between cathode and electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries, and helps to design batteries with higher energy density and longer life."

Preparing a stable ionic conductive coating on the surface of nano one's high pressure spinel (HVS) can improve the conductivity of solid electrolytes by inhibiting the dissolution of manganese in liquid electrolytes. At present, nano one has developed two kinds of coatings, which can stabilize the cathode under the battery cycle of 55 degrees Celsius, and improve the durability and stability without affecting the capacity.

Article source:OFweek lithium grid

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