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The development of battery coated alumina promotes the diversification of battery industry in the future


At present, lithium-ion batteries and lithium battery related materials are valued by all countries. Major enterprises are either building battery factories or striving for the supply of battery raw materials.

Recently,Western Australia is starting a pilot project to produce high-purity alumina (HPA), which can be used in battery technology to help Western Australia further become a major exporter of battery materials in the future

电池涂层氧化铝获得开发 促进未来电池工业多样化

High purity alumina (HPA) is a high-value, multi-purpose material used in lithium-ion battery technology, which can be used as the coating of diaphragm, with insulation, heat insulation and high temperature resistance, it can avoid short circuit between electrodes and improve the safety of lithium battery.

The project is developed by FYI resources, which will sell high purity alumina (HPA) to the global battery market for the first time on behalf of Western Australia. This measure increases the potential for the state to expand the battery industry in the future. It is reported that Premier mark McGowan specially congratulated FYI resources on successfully completing the HPA test, which is enough to show the influence of this project development and the ability of the project to commercialize production.

According to relevant reports, the project is expected to produce 8000 tons of high-purity alumina (HPA) every year in 25 years, build 140 buildings and provide 200 operation positions for this purpose, and the capital expenditure is estimated to be 238million US dollars.

Australian Minister of mines and oil Johnston said,Western Australia can not only be the origin of battery raw materials, but also has a momentum of development in downstream processing。 He said, "McGowan government is committed to establishing downstream processing projects in Western Australia in the future battery industry."

Johnston believes that although Australia is an open economy with stable investment and low sovereign risk in the world, the real advantage of Western Australia is our high-tech capability. Western Australia is the perfect region for the development of the battery industry in the future, because it has materials, good governance and technical capabilities to help the project succeed.

Article source:Lithium battery Online

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