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[original] market dividends of lithium power plants with more than 170million etc users nationwide


Recently, wuchungeng, spokesman of the Ministry of transport, said at a regular press conference that as of November 27, the cumulative number of etc users across the country had reached 174.524 million, and 91.44% of the total issuance task of 180million had been completed.

Among them, 93.8472 million new etc users were added nationwide this year, completing 85.18% of the new issuance tasks. This means that etc has released 93.8472 million sets of demand in the field of lithium batteries this year.

Correspondingly, lithium battery manufacturers, who have been deeply involved in the etc market for a long time, have also heard good news one after another.

GP Energy said that the main reason for the growth of the company's gross profit margin in the third quarter was the heavy sales of etc batteries, which had a high gross profit margin, so it boosted the gross profit margin of consumer batteries. Etc battery sales account for about 10% of consumer battery sales, and etc shipments have been stable since the fourth quarter.

Yiwei lithium energy also pointed out that with the increasing demand of the etc battery market, the company's etc battery products have achieved scale delivery, which has brought significant growth in profits in the first three quarters.

"The company began to supply etc batteries to the market in batches as early as 2012, mainly promoting the 'solar charging SPC Er' composite power supply solution, and the current market delivery is still rising." The relevant person in charge of Yiwei lithium energy told Gaogong lithium that the company's etc order production date has been scheduled to next year.

It is understood that at present, etc battery products on the market include lithium sub capacitor, lithium ferrous lithium and pure lithium battery.

Among them, the representative enterprise of lithium sub capacitor solution is Yiwei lithium energy. Its "solar charging SPC Er" composite power supply is mainly composed of a 3.6v/12aa primary er14250 lithium sub battery and a 3.6V spc1520 lithium ion battery capacitor.

The representative enterprise of lithium ferrous lithium solution is Penghui energy, which is composed of an er14250 lithium ferrous battery and a soft pack or cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery cell. It has a price advantage over the lithium ferrous capacitor solution.

Pure lithium-ion batteries are rarely used. The above two companies also occupy most of the market share of etc lithium battery solutions.

According to the "implementation plan for accelerating the application of electronic non-stop rapid toll collection services on highways" issued by the Ministry of transport and the national development and Reform Commission, by the end of December 2020, it will basically realize the full coverage of etc services in the parking lot of large transportation yards and stations, such as airports, railway stations, passenger stations, ports and wharfs.

It can be expected that manufacturers holding etc lithium battery orders will usher in strong profit growth in the short term with the rapid promotion of the etc installation boom.

At the same time, it should be noted that with the completion of etc replacement of 180million vehicles this year, the increment of etc battery market will gradually slow down in the later stage, which means that the market space left for other lithium battery enterprises is getting smaller and smaller.

Article source:High tech lithium power grid

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