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[copper foil weekly] the copper foil market for high-end lithium batteries is in short supply. The 10000 ton / year high-performance lithium battery copper foil project of China Electronics is under construction



[interaction] Chaohua Technology: half of the new capacity of copper foil is planned to produce lithium battery copper foil

On December 4, Chaohua Technology (002288) revealed during the exchange and interaction with investors that up to now, the revenue of copper foil and copper clad laminate of the company has accounted for nearly 70%. The second phase of the company's 8000 ton high-precision electronic copper foil project is expected to be put into operation within the year. After the project is put into operation, the company's total annual copper foil production capacity will exceed 20000 tons. Based on the future demand growth of new energy vehicles, especially high-end vehicles, the company plans to arrange half of the new capacity of copper foil to produce lithium battery copper foil.

Chaohua technology has the production capacity of the whole industrial chain of copper foil, copper clad laminate and printed circuit board. Its products are indispensable raw materials for 5g, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other industries. The current customer base of the company has covered most domestic PCB, CCL listed companies and top 100 enterprises in the industry. Downstream customers of the company supply TWS earphone manufacturers and 5g mobile phone manufacturers. With the rapid growth of TWS headphones and the launch of 5g mobile phones, downstream demand will drive the growth of upstream raw material demand.

At present, the company's copper foil production capacity is 12000 tons / year, mainly electronic circuit copper foil. At present, copper foil is basically in full production. In the future, the company will adhere to the extension of upstream raw materials, expand and strengthen the upstream copper foil and copper clad laminate business, and increase the proportion of high-end products, and strive to become a domestic leader in the standard electronic copper foil industry and a leading enterprise in lithium battery copper foil. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[PROJECT]Foihua electronics has a total investment of 1.117 billion yuan in the construction of 10000 tons of high-performance lithium battery copper foil project

According to Yixing daily, the production workshop of phase I of the 10000 ton high-performance lithium battery copper foil project of foihua electronics is under construction. The high-performance lithium battery cathode material project of foihua electronics, located in Guanlin Town, is invested by Jiangsu foihua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and is a major project in Wuxi in 2019. The project covers an area of 72 mu, with a construction area of 35000 square meters and a total investment of 1.117 billion yuan. After the project is put into operation, it will form an annual production capacity of 10000 tons of high-performance lithium battery cathode materials (copper foil).

According to the plan of foihua electronics, the company plans to achieve an output value of 1.5 billion yuan and a high-end copper foil production capacity of 12500 tons by 2023. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

江西铜业拟11.16亿美元收购PCH 将成矿企FQM单一最大股东

AcquisitionJiangxi Copper plans to acquire PCH with us $1.116 billion, which will be the single largest shareholder of fqm, a mining enterprise

On the evening of December 9, Jiangxi copper (600362) announced that Jiangxi copper (Hong Kong) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as jcci), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, intended to acquire 100% equity (hereinafter referred to as the underlying equity) of PIM cupric Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as PCH) wholly owned by PIM from Pangaea Investment Management Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as PIM), an indirect shareholding company of the company, for a consideration of US $1159.9 million, After the acquisition, PCH will become an indirect wholly-owned holding company of the company.

The announcement shows that on December 9, jcci and PIM signed the share sale and purchase agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "sale and purchase agreement"), which stipulates that jcci will transfer 100% of the pch100 equity held by PIM, and the transfer consideration of the underlying equity is $1159 million. After the completion of this transaction, PCH will become the indirect wholly-owned holding company of the company.

It is reported that PCH is a special purpose company established by PIM in January 2019 to acquire fqm shares and interests. Except for holding fqm shares and interests, PCH has no other actual business operations. Before this transaction, PIM, the sole shareholder of PCH, held 100% equity of pch100; After the completion of this transaction, jcci will hold 100% equity of pch100 and become the sole shareholder of PCH.

Fqm has 9 copper mine development projects in 8 countries including Zambia, Panama and Peru. Among them, fqm has three world-class mines in Zambia and Panama that have been put into operation, and two mines to be developed in Argentina and Peru. Fqm controls about 49.25 million tons of copper resources in total (Canadian ni43-101 standard), of which 45.9 million tons belong to fqm equity copper resources. In addition, fqm also has two large nickel resources in Australia and Zambia, with a total resource of 2.38 million tons (Canadian ni43-101 standard). The actual copper output of fqm in 2018 was about 606000 tons. According to the output guidelines disclosed by fqm on June 30, 2019, fqm predicts that the copper output from 2019 to 2021 will be: 70000-735000 tons, 840000-87000 tons and 820000 tons respectively. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[data] in November, the operating rate of copper strip and foil rose to 70.77% month on month

According to SMM research data, the operating rate of copper plate, strip and foil enterprises in November was 70.77%, down 1.91 percentage points year-on-year and up 0.42 percentage points month on month. In terms of breakdown, the output of copper foil enterprises fell significantly in November. Some enterprises said that downstream consumption weakened, and the demand for electronic copper foil weakened after entering the fourth quarter. According to SMM research, the overall performance of copper strip enterprises in November was better than the previous expectations of enterprises. Some enterprises said that the consumer demand of the automotive sector has rebounded to a certain extent, so the operating rate of copper strip enterprises in November rebounded month on month. However, a considerable number of enterprises still said that this year, subject to capital pressure and overcapacity in the industry, November, as the traditional peak season of copper strip, felt like "the peak season is not prosperous". (source: Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network)

[industry] the supply and demand pattern is improving, "Dr. copper" is expected to usher in a cross year rising market

Recently, "Dr. copper" has performed brilliantly. According to Wenhua financial data, as of 9:58 on December 10, the main 2002 contract of Shanghai copper futures reached a maximum of 48720 yuan / ton, a new high since April 30, with an increase of more than 1%, and the latest report was 48580 yuan / ton.

Zhanghuawei, a nonferrous analyst at Soochow futures, told the China Securities Journal that since mid November, copper prices have rebounded in shock, mainly due to the easing of macro disturbance events, the containment of the global manufacturing contraction, the low decline of global copper dominant inventories and the improvement of the outlook for China's copper demand.

Zhang Huawei said that from the perspective of supply side, the copper market will still show a tight pattern in the future. At present, the total inventory of the three exchanges is at the lowest level in the same period in recent years, and the inventory in Shanghai free trade zone has fallen to the lowest level since 2013. In addition, the situation in Chile, the world's largest copper supplier, is chaotic. Although it has not had a substantial impact on copper mining and transportation at present, it cannot be ruled out that it will have an impact on the supply chain in the future. In addition, the long-term single TC (rough processing fee) of copper concentrate in 2020 reached by China's major smelters and major global miners has fallen sharply compared with this year, indicating that the mine supply is still tight next year. It is expected that the short-term mine output will not increase significantly, and China's scrap copper imports will be further compressed. From the demand side, after entering the fourth quarter, the sales of automobiles and household appliances in China have improved. The operating rate of wire and cable enterprises increased significantly year-on-year. With the development of infrastructure investment at the end of the year, the prospect of copper demand will improve. In addition, the real estate industry has entered the post cyclical era, and the completion of real estate has entered the recovery stage, which will stimulate the demand for household appliances. Therefore, it is expected that the focus of copper prices will continue to rise from December to the first half of next year. (source: China Securities Network)

[battery think tank]Copper foil market of high-end lithium battery is in short supply

According to the news posted at the ABEC 2019 forum held at the end of last month, under the trend of high energy density, the technology of lithium battery copper foil is mainly developing in the direction of thinning and high tensile strength extension. Chen Yubi, executive vice president of Nord Investment Co., Ltd., revealed that at present, the high-end market of lithium battery copper foil is in short supply.

In addition, in terms of market demand, Chen Yubi said that lithium battery copper foil is mainly used in new energy vehicles (a bus uses about 200 kilograms of copper foil, and a mobile phone may use only a few grams). In 2018, the global output of lithium battery copper foil was 146000 tons, and it is estimated that the output in 2019 will be 170000 tons; It is estimated that the global demand for lithium copper foil for electric vehicles will be 600000 tons in 2025 and about 900000 tons in 2030.

Article source:Battery net

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