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There is a huge battery gap in the 100 billion TWS earphone market. Which battery manufacturers still have opportunities?


At Apple's autumn press conference in 2016, the first generation of airpods appeared, and the iPhone also cooperatively canceled the headphone hole. "Arrogance" once became Apple's public opinion label; In 2019, after the airpods Pro came out, the market was "really fragrant".

In the past three years, TWS headphones have become the biggest outlet in the 3C field from jokes. After smart phones, there has never been such a crazy market growth trend, even smart speakers and VR devices that were once favored.

The TWS earphone market, which has entered the market, has increased by 25.56 times in four years

Recently, the hottest concept in the stock exchange market is the wireless headset sector, which has increased by 26.18% since its establishment on November 4, 2019. The stocks of listed companies such as rambler, Yingtong communication, Jiahe intelligent and Yiwei lithium energy were hot fried.


There is data support behind the popularity of the headset market. According to the wearable device market forecast released by counterpoint research, the sales volume of TWS headphones in 2016 was about 09million, and will reach 230million by 2020, with an increase of 25.56 times.

From mobile phone manufacturers represented by apple, Samsung and Huawei OV to speaker manufacturers represented by Bose, Sony and JBL, all of them are accelerating the layout of the TWS headset market.


According to the statistics of the Research Institute, in the second quarter of 2019, Apple was far ahead in the global TWS shipment, accounting for 53%; In the third quarter, Apple also took the lead, but its share fell to 45%. In the future, industry experts will definitely regard 2019 as an important watershed when resuming the development of TWS headphones, because it symbolizes that the dominance of airpods in the secondary market of TWS has been broken, announcing the official start of the attack of Android camp and traditional speaker manufacturers on this market.

Just as iPhone 3G opened up the smart machine market, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo finally won. With Qualcomm, Luoda, Huawei and other enterprises launching new chip solutions for Android systems, players other than airpods will have greater market opportunities.

Why are Bose, beats, JBL, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Samsung and Meizu all entering the field of TWS headphones after 2019? The essence is that the TWS headphone market is still in the blue ocean stage. Except for airpods, which is firmly in the first tier, all other brands start from 0. Is there any seed in the prince's peace? Everyone wants to be the next Samsung and huami ov in the field of TWS earphones, and they all want to take a share from planting.

The supply and demand gap caused by the explosion of TWS headphones is exactly the golden opportunity for battery manufacturers

TWS headphone manufacturers will accelerate the expansion effect of market layout in the short term, which will bring about a huge market gap in the upstream battery supply of the industrial chain. Manufacturers who lack battery supply are like those who went to California gold mine to search for battery manufacturers who sell shovels in a hurry.

According to OFweekLithium batteryAccording to www.tws.com, the current head supply end of TWS headphone battery is mainly varta, VDL, Yiwei lithium energy, etc. Among them, varta is an old-fashioned giant, supplying Bose, airpods pro, once Samsung and other manufacturers; Zijian once monopolized the battery supply of domestic medium and high-end TWS headphones; Yiwei lithium energy received some orders from Samsung.

Among them, the official data of varta shows that the production capacity in 2020 is 80million; Everbright electronics research said that the shipment volume of Yiwei lithium energy is about 50million; The specific shipment data of Zijian is unknown, and the market estimate is about 60million.

According to the forecast data of counterpoint research, if 230million pairs of TWS headphones are listed in 2020, 460million batteries will need to be provided upstream.

According to analysts' forecasts, the shipment volume of airpods series will reach 80million in 2020; Apple officially requires that the monthly production capacity of airpods pro with button batteries be increased to 2million.

According to this estimate, Apple needs 160million batteries and at least 48million button batteries. According to the data, the demand for button batteries outside apple is about 300million, and the supply of varta is covered. After excluding the shipments of Zijian and Yiwei lithium energy, based on the premise that the button batteries of varta, Zijian and Yiwei lithium energy are all adopted, there is still a gap of 160million in the market.

According to sources close to Xinyu Ganfeng, Xinyu Ganfeng plans to exceed 100million TWS batteries in 2020, and is expected to become the headphone battery supplier with the largest shipment in the industry.

Xinyu Ganfeng is a subsidiary of Ganfeng lithium. Ganfeng lithium is the third largest lithium compound producer in the world, the largest lithium compound producer in China and the largest lithium metal producer in the world. Its core business islithium batteryThe industry is deeply connected, and there are also a large number of patent reserves in cutting-edge battery technology. Xinyu Ganfeng may have inherent advantages in entering the TWS headset battery market.

So, what is the battery level of Xinyu Ganfeng's TWS headset?

From function driven to experience driven, GF "button" battery promotes the sound quality revolution

Looking at the short development history of TWS headphones, we can sort out two obvious development veins.

One is the popularity, that is, reducing costs and selling prices, which is also the core reason why the shipments of Xiaomi TWS headphones, known as the "price butcher", surpassed Samsung in the third quarter of 2019. For products, the low price strategy is to dance on the blade. Low prices are easy to spread the market, but they are not suitable for medium-term competition. Low prices are easy to raise prices, which Xiaomi mobile phones deeply understand.

Another is the transition from function driven to experience driven, that is, from emphasizing the basic functions of headphones (such as call, connection, delay) to focusing on the improvement of clarity, anti-interference, design and other experience.

Battery electromagnetic interference is a common problem faced by TWS headphones. Under electromagnetic interference, audio clarity will be affected to varying degrees. Therefore, TWS headphone manufacturers can stand out in the explosion period of TWS headphones only by grasping the pain points of users and improving their products.

At present, the industry generally believes that the audio effect of TWS headphones can be optimized only by improving the coding method, and there is no precedent in the battery industry for physical isolation to reduce interference. Therefore, on the premise that all headset players use Bluetooth version 5.0 and the homogenization is serious, the design of reducing interference by physical means will set off a huge sound quality revolution in the industry.

In terms of avoiding electromagnetic interference of battery, Xinyu Ganfeng has made innovative design. People close to Xinyu Ganfeng to OFweekLithium batteryAccording to www.gf.com, GF "button" battery has a complete button anti-interference technology from soft package to steel shell. The steel shell and electromagnetic shielding film fully cover the cell to block electromagnetic interference and greatly improve sound quality.

As stated in the report, if GF "button" batteries with subversive design concepts and independent patented technology enter the field of TWS headphone batteries, it will meet the urgent needs of TWS headphone enterprises to improve the experience.


According to the source, Xinyu Ganfeng also has a conical button battery that is more suitable for the headset structure, which greatly improves the internal utilization of TWS headphones, making the headset smaller and ergonomic.

Another great advantage of GF "button" battery is that it has complete and Nationally Certified patented technology. At present, GF "button" battery has passed the patent examination and approval of JBL, Huawei, oppo, Wanmo and many other manufacturers, which can avoid the risk of technical disputes faced by headphone manufacturers.

At present, after passing the patent examination, Xinyu Ganfeng has reached a cooperation with JBL and a domestic mobile phone manufacturer with the top five shipments to supply GF "button" battery products.

From the perspective of TWS headphone manufacturers, in addition to players who sign long-term supply contracts and meet supply demand, an enterprise with innovative technology and battery products that symbolize future trends is the "person who sells shovels" that TWS headphone manufacturers are looking for.

Article source:OFweek lithium grid

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