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Yiwei lithium energy plans to raise no more than 2.5 billion to expand the capacity of TWS, TPMS and other batteries


On March 9, Yiwei lithium energy announced that it planned to issue no more than 95million A shares in private and raise no more than 2.5 billion yuan. The specific purpose of the fund is: 1) 1.05 billion yuan is used for the annual output of 200million bean typeLithium batteryThe construction project is mainly used in wearable devices based on TWS headphones; 2) 300million yuan is used for the construction project with an annual output of 160million high-temperature lithium manganese batteries, mainly used in tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), Internet of things terminals, etc; 3) 450million yuan is used for the mass production research and test center project of ternary square power batteries; 4) 700million yuan was used to supplement working capital.

The TWS earphone market, which has entered the market, has increased by 25.56 times in four years

According to the wearable device market forecast released by counterpoint research, the sales volume of TWS headphones in 2016 was about 09million, and will reach 230million by 2020, with an increase of 25.56 times.

From mobile phone manufacturers represented by apple, Samsung and Huawei OV to speaker manufacturers represented by Bose, Sony and JBL, all of them are accelerating the layout of the TWS headset market.


According to the statistics of the Research Institute, in the second quarter of 2019, Apple was far ahead in the global TWS shipment, accounting for 53%; In the third quarter, Apple also took the lead, but its share fell to 45%. In the future, industry experts will definitely regard 2019 as an important watershed when resuming the development of TWS headphones, because it symbolizes that the dominance of airpods in the secondary market of TWS has been broken, announcing the official start of the attack of Android camp and traditional speaker manufacturers on this market.

TWS headphone manufacturers will accelerate the expansion effect of market layout in the short term, which will bring about a huge market gap in the upstream battery supply of the industrial chain. Manufacturers who lack battery supply are like those who went to California gold mine to search for battery manufacturers who sell shovels in a hurry.

According to OFweek lithium power grid, the current head supply terminals of TWS headphone batteries are mainly varta, VDL, Yiwei lithium energy, etc. Among them, varta is an old-fashioned giant, supplying Bose, airpods pro, once Samsung and other manufacturers; Zijian once monopolized the battery supply of domestic medium and high-end TWS headphones; Yiwei lithium energy received some orders from Samsung.

In the long run, the global annual sales of new mobile phones is about 1.4 billion, and there is a huge stock market for headphones, so there is a lot of room for TWS headphones to replace. Yiwei lithium energy has rich technology accumulation and patent layout in the field of TWS earphone bean battery, and has entered the supply system of some internationally renowned customers. Many customers are still in the process of certification, which is expected to become an important support for Yiwei lithium energy's performance growth in the future.

Domestic car ownership is large, and TPMS battery market is broad

Tire pressure monitoring involves the personal safety of drivers and passengers. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States require it to be standard for cars, which is mandatory. In October, 2017, China issued a new national standard, requiring that the transfer of tire pressure monitoring to standard configuration of different products be completed successively from January 1, 2019.

In terms of high-temperature lithium manganese battery products, according to the performance requirements and test methods of passenger car tire pressure monitoring system, mandatory installation requirements have been implemented for all passenger cars in production since January 1, 2020, which brings great development opportunities for the development of TPMS and related supporting industries, and the demand for high-temperature lithium manganese battery has increased significantly.

However, due to the late mandatory installation of TPMS in China, the manufacturing of core parts of TPMS in China has not developed synchronously. Previously, high-temperature lithium manganese batteries were mainly imported, and the price remained high. Since 2009, Yiwei lithium energy has carried out research on lithium manganese batteries suitable for wide temperature fields. Through long-term in-depth research on electrochemical materials, structures, processes and other aspects, it has taken the lead in solving the key problems of lithium manganese batteries, such as internal gas production, positive and negative electrode fixation under high-speed centrifugal force, and has become a leading enterprise in China that truly masters the core technology of wide temperature range and miniaturized lithium manganese batteries.

Yiwei lithium energy said that the implementation of this fund-raising project, on the one hand, is conducive to the further maturity of the core technology process in the industrialization process, leading the domestic lithium manganese battery industry to break through technical barriers and achieve high-quality development; On the other hand, it is conducive to reducing the comprehensive cost of products through large-scale production and further improving the market competitiveness of domestic high-temperature lithium manganese batteries.

Strengthen the development of square power batteries

Power battery is one of the important development strategic directions of the company in the future. Affected by EU carbon emissions and China's double integral new deal, the compound growth rate of the power battery industry is expected to reach 37% in the next six years, and the global market space is expected to reach 500billion yuan by 2025. The company has successfully entered Daimler, Kia Hyundai and other well-known international customers. Yiwei lithium energy plans to build a square ternary power battery research and testing center, which is an important measure to improve its technical strength and stabilize the power battery business.

With the popularization of new energy vehicles, portable electronic products, mobile Internet of things and powerEnergy storagemarketWith the rapid development of the battery industry, the battery industry has entered a stage of rapid development. At present, the battery is in a period of strategic opportunities for rapid development. Whoever can seize the opportunity can turn into a dragon in the face of the storm.

Article source:OFweek lithium grid

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