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[electrolyte weekly] Jiangsu Sipai electrolyte solvent and supporting projects trial production in May! The self supply rate of electrolyte raw materials of head enterprises increased



Guoli, general manager of Shanshan new materials

[view] Guo Li, general manager of Shanshan new materials: the scale of the high-end electrolyte market will have greater room for growth in the future

In view of the development status and prospects of the electrolyte industry, Guo Li, general manager of Shanshan new materials, said that the electrolyte market situation this year is relatively severe. In the past, due to the explosion of market demand, the capacity of the electrolyte industry has expanded significantly in recent years, resulting in serious overcapacity. With the decline of government subsidies and the intensification of the industry reshuffle, the industry pattern of the strong and the strong is becoming more and more clear.

The impact of the epidemic on the industry cannot be ignored. In our terminal application market, many mobile phone manufacturers are facing the pressure of inventory increase and store closure. Most of the global consumers of new energy vehicles are also isolated at home, and consumer demand is weakened. This will be transmitted to our material industry. In addition, the decline of international crude oil prices will also have a certain impact on the electric vehicle market.

But in the long run, there are still great opportunities for the new energy vehicle market. As the market puts forward higher performance requirements for new energy vehicles, the scale of high-end electrolyte market will have greater room for growth in the future. After more than 20 years of development, the consumer electronics market has become mature, and the growth of the industry has gradually stabilized.

In the future, Shanshan electrolyte will make more efforts to power the market, target high-quality major customers at home and abroad, enter the supply chain of global core customers, and strive to become "the world's leading supplier of lithium electrolyte". (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

天际股份2019年营收7.74亿元 新泰材料六氟磷酸锂产能达8160吨

[performance] the revenue of Tianji Co., Ltd. in 2019 was 774million yuan, and the capacity of lithium hexafluorophosphate of Xintai material reached 8160 tons

On March 30, Tianji shares (002759) disclosed its 2019 annual report. During the reporting period, it achieved a revenue of 774million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10.03%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 32.4655 million yuan, down 61.26% year-on-year; The basic earnings per share was 0.08 yuan, compared with 0.19 yuan in the same period last year.

During the reporting period, the business model of the company has not changed, mainly engaged in lithium battery materials business and household appliances business.

In terms of lithium battery materials business, Xintai materials, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, is mainly engaged in the production and sales of lithium hexafluorophosphate, sodium fluoroaluminate, fluoride salt series products (potassium fluoroborate, potassium fluorotitanate, potassium fluorozirconate), hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride. In 2019, the company's lithium battery business achieved an annual sales revenue of 339643588.01 yuan.

Xintai materials adopts the sales mode, mainly direct sales mode and distribution mode, and produces according to the order volume of downstream electrolyte customers. Xintai material lithium hexafluorophosphate has a capacity of 8160 tons, ranking in the forefront of the industry. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[PROJECT] Jiangsu Sipai lithium battery electrolyte solvent and supporting projects were commissioned in May

The reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission that the construction of Jiangsu Sipai lithium battery electrolyte solvent and supporting projects is being stepped up. It is planned to test run and put into production in early May, and will build the world's largest lithium battery electrolyte solvent production base.

At present, 90% of the main buildings in the plant have been completed, and the connection between the main buildings has entered the stage.

Lithium battery electrolyte solvent and supporting projects, with a total investment of about 8.5 billion yuan and a total land area of about 1000 mu, will be constructed in two phases, which will promote the enterprise to become the world's largest supplier of lithium battery electrolyte solvent. Phase I Project: 220000 T / a electrolyte solvent and supporting 140000 T / a electrolyte solvent raw material project, with a land area of 300 mu, a total investment of 3.1 billion yuan and an annual sales revenue of about 3.9 billion yuan. The 100000 t / a battery grade vinyl carbonate, methyl ethyl carbonate and diethyl carbonate in phase I are expected to be put into production in the first half of 2020, and the product quality will reach 99.99% of the industry's leading level. In the second half of 2020, 100 skilled workers will be created. After the construction of the whole plant is completed, it can accommodate 300 skilled workers for employment. (source: Lianyungang TV station)


[technology] new breakthrough in lithium battery safety: new tfep electrolyte significantly reduces the risk of fire

Recently, Japanese scientists have proposed new electrolyte components that can improve the safety of batteries at higher voltages. The research was carried out by the scientific team of the University of Tokyo (UT), which focused on the electrolyte part of the battery. The solution can carry lithium ions back and forth between the electrodes of the battery during charging and discharging, and realize safe and highly stable operation and high voltage by replacing the solvent used in mainstream batteries, with better performance than most existing lithium batteries.

Professor Toyoda Yamada, a researcher at the University of Tokyo, said: "the voltage of the battery is mainly limited by electrolyte materials. Currently, the electrolyte solvent in lithium-ion batteries still uses the solvent just commercialized in the early 1990s. Therefore, we have found an improved method. Our new fluorinated cyclic phosphate solvent (tfep) electrolyte greatly improves the existing ethyl carbonate (EC)."

It is understood that the team designed its cyclic phosphate based electrolyte by integrating the chemical structure of conventional electrolyte solvent EC and flame retardant. This provides the phosphate properties of two molecules, including the high pressure resistance of solvents and the non flammability of flame retardants, thus minimizing the risk of lithium battery fire.

When synthesizing electrolytes, researchers found that the most effective formula contained 0.95mlin (so2f) 2 in tfep/2,2,2-trifluoroethyl methyl carbonate. This specific component can synthesize an electrolyte with non combustibility and zero self extinguishing time, and can make the graphite negative electrode and high-voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 positive electrode operate stably. (source: cnBeta)

多氟多拟新建4条自动化熔喷无纺布产线 预计新增产能8吨/天

[company] DFT plans to build four automatic melt blown non-woven fabric production lines, with an estimated additional capacity of 8 tons / day

On March 30, DOVID (002407) announced that in response to the call of the national and local governments, the company plans to invest in four new automatic melt blown non-woven fabric production lines to increase the production capacity of the company's melt blown non-woven fabric, in order to support the epidemic prevention of novel coronavirus with practical actions, practice the social responsibility of listed companies, give full play to its own advantages, and make use of the original technical reserves on the basis of the existing factories and production lines, In order to solve the problem of insufficient key raw materials for the production of masks in the market.

The announcement shows that relying on the original lithium battery diaphragm production equipment, polyfluoro has built two melt blown non-woven fabric automatic production lines through technological transformation, with a production capacity of 2 tons / day, and the products have been sold. The company plans to build four automatic melt blown non-woven production lines, and the equipment has been ordered. It is expected to form a new capacity of 8 tons / day within four months. After all production lines are put into production, the company's melt blown non-woven fabric production capacity will reach 10 tons / day. The source of funds is self owned funds, with a new investment of no more than 30million yuan. It is expected to be completed in July 2020. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[think tank circle] vertical integration intensifies, and the self supply rate of electrolyte raw materials of leading enterprises increases

At present, the price of electrolyte is still at a low level, and the price fluctuation is mainly due to the price change of raw materials. Therefore, in addition to making efforts to develop technology and realize technology premium, electrolyte enterprises are also realizing the self-production of some raw materials to reduce costs through vertical integrated layout, such as self-produced lithium hexafluorophosphate, electrolyte additives and other new lithium salts.

In addition, Tianci materials, xinzhoubang, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific and other leading electrolyte enterprises have entered the multinational battery supply system to increase the market share of overseas power batteries, which is more conducive to ensuring profitability.

Article source:Battery net

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