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[electrolyte weekly] Jiangsu Cathay Pacific plans to spin off Ruitai new energy gem for listing! Tianci materials expects electrolyte sales to increase from May to June



[performance] 11. The performance summary increment of listed companies of household appliance hydrolysate and its key materials is not prominent

In 2019, there were constant calls for the stabilization and recovery of electrolyte prices, but in fact, the supply of electrolyte and its main raw materials lithium salts, solvents and additives was still abundant, the cost competition pressure of industrial chain enterprises continued to increase, and the performance was under obvious pressure.

Tianci materials disclosed in its 2019 annual report that in terms of the lithium-ion battery material industry, the domestic power lithium battery market increased slightly in 2019, while the export and energy storage markets increased to a certain extent, but the overall market demand growth was less than expected due to the decline of the national new energy vehicle subsidy policy, the centralized launch of European new energy vehicles, and the lithium electrification in the energy storage field such as mobile base stations; In addition, due to the increasingly strict safety and environmental protection policies and supervision, the obvious fluctuations in the prices of some raw materials and other factors, the price of electrolyte continues to decline, and the situation that the market increment does not increase in value further intensifies.

According to the performance of 11 listed companies of lithium battery electrolyte and its key materials in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 counted by battery network (wechat: mybattery), the total revenue in 2019 was about 89.151 billion yuan, with an average revenue of about 8.005 billion yuan; The total net profit is about 2.918 billion yuan, with an average net profit of about 265 million yuan. Among them, the only three companies that achieved net profit growth in 2019 were shidashenghua, Oake shares and new Zhoubang; With a net profit of more than 100million yuan, there are 7 companies, including Jiangsu Cathay Pacific, Guancheng Datong, Yan'an Bikang, oak shares, new Zebang, Shida Shenghua, Yongtai technology, Shanshan shares, etc; There is one loss making enterprise.

In terms of gross profit margin of sales in 2019, in addition to Yan'an Bikang's undisclosed relevant data, the 10 enterprises including Shi dashenghua, oak shares, Yongtai technology, Tianci materials and xinzhoubang achieved growth. In 2019, five companies achieved growth in operating revenue. In addition, the R & D expenses of 8 enterprises, including shidashenghua, duofuduo, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific, oak, Tianci materials, xinzhoubang and Shanshan, increased, especially shidashenghua, with an increase of 324.19%. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[company] Tianci materials: it is expected that the sales volume of electrolyte will continue to grow from May to June

Recently, Tianci materials (002709) held an online presentation of 2019 annual performance. In the first quarter of 2020, affected by the epidemic, the operating revenue of Tianci materials was about 524 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.4%, but the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies increased by 45.08% year-on-year. The profit growth mainly comes from three aspects: 1) some models of carbomer products produced by the company can be added to ethanol as rheological modifiers to produce ethanol gel products. Since February, the demand for ethanol gel products for washing free disinfection has increased significantly, which has driven the increase in sales and sales of carbomer high margin products. 2) The self production rate of raw materials and gross profit margin of lithium-ion battery electrolyte products have also increased, which has also played a certain role in promoting the growth of the company's performance. 3) In the first quarter, the company carried out many management improvement projects to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieved some results as a whole.

Tianci materials said that the sales volume of electrolyte in the first quarter was slightly lower than that of last year, but in recent years, the company has actively adjusted its customer structure and achieved certain results. In the first quarter, the proportion of the company's exports increased year-on-year. According to the current market demand, the company expects that the sales volume of electrolyte will continue to grow from May to June.

According to Tianci materials, from the current technical route, lifsi will become an important part of electrolyte. At present, the company has a 300 ton / year lifsi production line, the original raised investment project 2000t / a lifsi project has been terminated, and the 2000t / a lifsi project built with its own funds has entered the commissioning state. At present, the company's subsidiary Jiujiang Tianci is under construction with an annual output of 20000 tons of electrolyte basic materials and 5800 tons of new lithium electrolyte project, which also includes a 4000 ton / year lifsi project, which is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

In view of the application of new electrolyte additives in the future, Tianci materials said that the wide use of additives will be the main trend in the future, such as lifsi, lithium difluorophosphate, DTD, etc. at present, these additives are used in most ternary power batteries. After the widespread use of additives, their cost share in the electrolyte may be higher than that of lithium hexafluorophosphate.


[IPO] Jiangsu Guotai plans to spin off Ruitai new energy gem to improve the competitiveness of electrolyte and other businesses

On April 28, Jiangsu Guotai (002091) announced that it planned to spin off its subsidiary Jiangsu Ruitai new energy materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruitai new energy") and list on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem. After the completion of this spin off and listing, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific will still maintain its controlling interest in Ruitai new energy.

Ruitai new energy has holding subsidiaries Huarong chemical and Chaowei new materials. Among them, Huarong chemical is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of lithium-ion battery electrolyte and silane coupling agent, and Chaowei new materials is mainly engaged in the R & D and production of electronic chemicals, including lithium-ion battery electrolyte and additives, supercapacitor electrolyte and electrolyte, lithium-ion capacitor electrolyte, special fluorochemicals and other fields.

Jiangsu Guotai said that in recent years, benefiting from the development of downstream industries such as new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and energy storage electronics, lithium-ion battery and other related industries have continued to develop at a medium and high speed. Recently, the growth rate of the consumer electronics industry has gradually slowed down, but the medium and long-term growth trend of the new energy vehicle industry remains unchanged. The demand for upstream industries such as lithium-ion batteries will continue to grow, and the industry is in the stage of expansion. This spin off and listing is an important decision to meet Ruitai new energy's own development needs and meet the requirements of market development, which will help Ruitai new energy grasp industry opportunities and lay the foundation for further development.

After the completion of this spin off, Jiangsu Cathay Pacific will focus on the operation and development of the main business of supply chain services, continue to be committed to providing one-stop value-added services of the whole supply chain, further refine and strengthen the main business, and consolidate the company's business ability and sustainable development ability. Ruitai new energy will become an independent listing platform for new chemical materials and new energy business under Jiangsu Cathay Pacific. By listing on the gem, Ruitai new energy will further enhance its capital strength and investment and financing ability, substantially improve the industry competitiveness of the new energy business sector, and then promote the profitability and comprehensive competitiveness of Ruitai new energy. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

东京大学研发新型电解质溶液 延长锂离子电池续航时间/增加安全性

[technology] the University of Tokyo developed a new electrolyte solution to extend the battery life of lithium-ion batteries / increase safety

According to foreign media reports, researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan explored the physical and chemical characteristics of electric energy storage for the first time, and found a new method to improve lithium-ion batteries. Researchers not only successfully improved the voltage transmission capacity of lithium-ion batteries, but also successfully prevented the emergence of dangerous conditions, so as not to affect the current range of existing batteries. This improved lithium-ion battery can make long-distance travel possible for electric vehicles, and can also be made into a new generation of household energy storage devices. Moreover, the fire safety of lithium-ion batteries in these two applications has been improved.

The battery can supply power for various devices and cars. However, although the battery is very useful, the current lithium-ion battery has safety problems, which may damage the equipment and cause a fire. Therefore, researchers from the Graduate School of engineering and science at the University of Tokyo have proposed a method that can improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries and allow them to provide more charge.

Professor atsuo Yamada said: "the voltage of the battery is limited by its electrolyte material. Now the electrolyte solution of lithium-ion battery is the same as that when the battery was just commercialized in the early 1990s. Therefore, we think there is still room for improvement, and we have developed a new fluorinated cyclophosphamide (tfep) electrolyte, which has been greatly improved compared with vinyl carbonate (EC), which is widely used in batteries at present." (source: Gaishi automobile)

[battery think tank] electrolyte demand is expected to pick up

According to the analysis of the performance of 11 listed companies of lithium battery electrolyte and its key materials in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 according to the statistics of battery network a few days ago, in 2019, affected by the new energy vehicle subsidy policy, the increasingly strict safety and environmental protection policy and supervision, the obvious price fluctuation of some raw materials and other factors, the electrolyte price fell, the gross profit further decreased, and the market increment did not increase in value.

Recently, the new policy of new energy subsidies has been implemented, and the purchase subsidies of new energy vehicles have been extended for two years, which is expected to drive the recovery of the new energy battery industry chain. Due to the growth of power battery market demand, the accelerated growth of communication energy storage market and the rapid development of small power markets such as lithium light vehicles and electric tools, the demand for electrolyte is expected to pick up.

Article source:Battery net

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