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[cathode materials weekly] Dow technology plans to raise 1.6 billion to expand the production of lithium battery materials! "Cobalt removal" is back



China battery new energy industry chain research group visited Jinchuan powder company

[research] the spherical nickel hydroxide production capacity of 2kt cobalt coated cathode material project of Jinchuan powder company has been mass produced and sold

Jinchuan Group Powder Material Co., Ltd. was founded in November, 1988, formerly known as "Jinchuan nickel cobalt new product company", and was restructured and renamed as "Jinchuan Group Powder Material Co., Ltd. in December, 2012. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.

At present, Jinchuan powder company has formed an annual capacity of 2000 tons of spherical nickel hydroxide, 3000 tons of electrolytic copper powder, 2000 tons of copper oxide powder, 500 tons of electrolytic nickel powder and 300 tons of atomized nickel powder. The production and sales of the company's products occupy an important position in China, among which the production and sales of electrolytic nickel powder and atomized nickel powder rank first in China, and the production and sales of copper series powder products rank first three in China. It is the main supplier of nickel copper powder materials in China.

In terms of battery materials, Jinchuan powder company has four types of products: zinc III, zinc IV, pure phase and cobalt coated. The production capacity of spherical nickel is 2kt/a ordinary spherical nickel and 1kt/a cobalt coated spherical nickel. Among them, the 2kt/a ordinary spherical nickel production line of Jinchuan powder company was completed in 2006, and the construction of 2kt/a cobalt coated cathode material project (phase I) for new energy batteries began in 2019. The project was completed in October 2019, and has reached the production standard. At present, it has achieved mass sales. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)


China battery new energy industry chain research group visited Jinchuan nickel salt company

[research] Jinchuan nickel salt intensive cultivation ternary precursor raw material field: battery grade nickel sulfate production capacity of 80000 tons / year

Jinchuan nickel salt is an independent legal subsidiary of Jinchuan Group, and is currently the largest "supplier of surface treatment materials and raw materials of ternary precursors" in China. The raw materials of the company are mainly nickel concentrate pressurized leaching solution, nickel hydroxide and nickel impurities in Jinchuan Group Company. The battery grade nickel sulfate produced is mainly used as the raw material of ternary precursor required for power battery cathode material.

Ma Zaisheng, chairman of Jinchuan nickel salt company, introduced that nickel salt company has strict quality control, leading magnetic material control industry, stable and reliable production capacity supply, and low downstream supply chain risk: with the production of 35000 tons of nickel sulfate technical transformation project, the company's existing production capacity of nickel sulfate has reached 105000 tons / year, the maximum production capacity of battery grade nickel sulfate is 80000 tons / year, and some production capacity can be adjusted to electroplating grade production according to customer orders. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[investment] Dow technology plans to raise 1.6 billion to expand the production of lithium battery materials

On May 12, Dow Technology (300409. SZ) announced a revised plan, which plans to raise no more than 16.20 yuan from the non-public offering of shares. After deducting the issuance expenses, the net amount of the raised funds is fully invested in the "30000 tons of power battery cathode material precursor project", "100 tons of high conductivity graphene and 150 tons of carbon nanotube production project" The "project with an annual output of 5000 tons of cobalt intermediates (metal content) and 10000 tons of cathode copper" and the repayment of bank loans and supplementary working capital are planned to invest 459 million yuan, 363 million yuan, 315 million yuan and 483 million yuan respectively.

According to the feasibility plan, the above-mentioned first three raised investment projects are expected to generate operating revenue of 2.735 billion yuan, 147 million yuan and 199 million US dollars each year, and net profit of 216 million yuan, 50 million yuan and 19 million US dollars respectively.


[technology] Tianqi lithium obtained two invention patents, including acid leaching method for recycling waste lithium iron phosphate cathode material

On May 13, Tianqi lithium (002466) announced that recently, the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China granted the company two invention patents: the method of recycling waste lithium iron phosphate cathode material by acid leaching, and the method of preparing lithium ribbon by melting deposition.

Tianqi lithium said that this invention patent is conducive to enriching the company's advanced technology reserves, improving the company's technological innovation ability and scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, and will not have a significant impact on the company's production and operation and business performance in 2020. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[market] from May to June, the overseas market recovered or the demand for lithium cobalt oxide increased

Mobile phone shipments surged in April, mainly driven by the launch of new mobile phones, in addition to the delay of channel providers and consumers from February to march in the early stage. From March to April, the shipments of lithium cobalt oxide battery factory and lithium cobalt oxide cathode materials increased synchronously. In addition to the recovery of the domestic market, the overseas market is also gradually recovering. It is understood that some apple stores in the United States are about to resume operations. The first to resume operations are some stores in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. In addition, Apple's retail stores in South Korea, Australia, Germany and other countries have gradually reopened. In India, the city closure has been gradually opened since May 1, and some factories such as Xiaomi, oppo and vivo have begun to resume work. In April, due to the launch of new mobile phones, it experienced a wavelet peak. In May, the domestic mobile phone shipments may decrease slightly month on month, but the global demand gradually warmed up. In May, the demand for lithium cobaltate batteries and lithium cobaltate may be basically flat, and in June, the demand for lithium cobaltate batteries and lithium cobaltate may increase slightly. (source: Shanghai Nonferrous Metals network)

铁锂电池生产发力明显 钴价持续回升几率小

[market] the production of iron lithium battery is strong, and the probability of continuous recovery of cobalt price is small

Ternary materials: the price of ternary materials was flat last Wednesday. Last week, the price of upstream precursors was under pressure, the demand of battery factories was weak, the acceptance of price rise was low, and the price of ternary materials remained unchanged. Overseas European and American car companies have resumed work one after another, but the resumption of production of vehicle factories is slow, and the export orders of material factories have not been restored. Domestic battery factories are in the state of de stocking, and their willingness to purchase is not high. The price of SMM ternary material (type 523) is 111000-118000 yuan / ton, with the average price unchanged from last week. The price of SMM ternary material (type 622) is 131000-139000 yuan / ton, with the average price unchanged from last week.

Lithium iron phosphate: the price of lithium iron phosphate fell last week. Last week, the price of lithium carbonate continued to fall, and the price of iron phosphate also fell slightly, which led to the decline of the price of lithium iron phosphate. Domestic power market demand is weak, and orders have not increased. The purchase volume of 5g base stations in the energy storage market has gradually increased since April, but the supply of iron and lithium is too large, and the market order grabbing is serious. Most manufacturers are forced to reduce prices, and the price of iron and lithium basically fluctuates above and below the cost line. Last week, the price of SMM lithium iron phosphate (power type) was 35000-38000 yuan / ton, and the average price fell by 1500 yuan / ton compared with last week.

Cobalt prices rose last week, but the current new energy market demand continues to be depressed, large-scale superalloy and magnetic material manufacturers have sufficient raw materials for electrolytic cobalt, and the transaction scale in the spot market is relatively small. SMM believes that the probability of continuous recovery of cobalt price in the later period is small. In terms of lithium, the current price of lithium carbonate has entered a cyclical bottom range. According to SMM, due to the current high inventory of ores and finished products and the lack of willingness of enterprises to enter the mine, enterprises have begun to reduce the operating rate or stop shipping this month, and it is expected that the price of battery grade lithium carbonate will gradually stop falling and stabilize. As the supply and demand structure of lithium hydroxide changes, the upstream and downstream carry out price negotiations based on the new market conditions, and the market price of lithium hydroxide may loosen later this month. (source: SMM)


[quotation] on May 18, the domestic cobalt price fluctuated, maintaining stability, and the international cobalt price fell violently

On May 18, the price quotation of domestic metal cobalt fluctuated and remained stable, the domestic cobalt market fluctuated and warmed up, and the international cobalt price fluctuated and fell, which was bad for the domestic cobalt market. The demand of the cobalt market was general, the enthusiasm of customers to purchase fell, and the demand was low. The overall outlook of the cobalt market was bad. At this stage, the risk aversion psychology still existed, and the pressure of cobalt price decline was great.

Global mobile phone sales have slowly recovered, new energy vehicle sales are expected to pick up, cobalt market demand is reduced, the supply of cobalt mines in DRC and other countries is affected by the epidemic and transportation is not smooth, cobalt raw materials from cobalt mines arriving in Hong Kong in May and June are affected, the supply risk of cobalt market is increased, the benefits are increased, and the short-term cobalt market is still bad. It is expected that the short-term cobalt market will fluctuate and adjust, and the rising cycle of cobalt market is still difficult to determine. (source: Business Club)

[think tank circles] the rumor of "cobalt removal" is rising again

"Cobalt removal" is becoming the key research and development direction of battery enterprises and cathode material manufacturers. In order to reduce the cost of batteries, battery enterprises at home and abroad have been reducing the proportion of cobalt in cathode materials as early as a few years ago. Since this year, the concept of cobalt free battery has been mentioned constantly. There has been constant speculation in the industry about the material system of cobalt free battery. With the approaching of the product technology conference of honeycomb energy, Tesla and other enterprises, can the mystery of cobalt free battery be solved?

Article source:Battery net

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