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[copper foil weekly] the 2020 white paper on the development of China's copper foil industry was released! 2022 global 6 μ M lithium battery copper foil demand will reach 283000 tons / year



[report] the white paper on the development of China's copper foil industry (2020) was released

On July 10, China Battery Industry Research Institute, Ivy Economic Research Institute and evtank jointly released the white paper on the development of China's copper foil industry (2020).

The white paper has conducted detailed research and Analysis on the development status of China's copper foil industry in 2019, the competition pattern of China's copper foil in 2019, key lithium battery copper foil manufacturers, and the development trend of the copper foil industry. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)


[performance] the demand of copper clad laminate customers was less than expected, and Chaohua technology turned from profit to loss in the first half of the year

On July 15, Chaohua Technology (002288) released a semi annual performance forecast for 2020: it is expected to have a loss of 38 million yuan to 43 million yuan, and a profit of 32.1625 million yuan in the same period of last year, turning from profit to loss compared with the same period of last year.

Chaohua technology said that during the reporting period, affected by the COVID-19, the company's industrial chain was impacted to a certain extent. The downstream demand, especially the customer demand for copper clad laminates and printed circuit boards, was less than expected, and the company's operating revenue fell significantly year-on-year. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[interaction] global 6 in 2022 μ M lithium battery copper foil demand will reach 283000 tons / year

Recently, when interacting with investors, Chaohua Technology (002288) said that the demand for copper foil in the future is mainly in the fields of "new infrastructure" such as new energy vehicles, energy storage, 5g, data centers, and consumer electronics. First of all, in the field of new energy vehicles, the global penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, and Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Tesla, Ford, BYD and other auto giants have deployed new energy vehicles. In May 2020, Volkswagen invested nearly 16 billion shares in GuoXuan high tech and JAC, which will further consolidate the industrial layout of new energy vehicles of Volkswagen Group. According to the plan of Volkswagen, the local sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will reach 1.5 million by 2025. BMW Group announced that it plans to deliver 1million new energy vehicles to customers worldwide by the end of 2021. The demand for copper foil may continue to remain tense in the future. According to the prediction of relevant research reports, only in June μ M lithium battery copper foil field, global 6 by 2022 μ M lithium battery copper foil demand will reach 283000 tons / year, with an annual compound growth rate of 65.2%.

Secondly, the global energy storage market is developing rapidly, and the energy storage field may become another blue ocean of lithium battery copper foil. According to the statistics of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the power of new energy storage devices in the world reached 3.1gw in 2018, a significant increase of 94% year-on-year in 2017. According to Bloomberg Nef's prediction of the world's cumulative installed capacity of energy storage devices, the total power of global energy storage devices will rapidly grow from 9gw in 2018 to 1095gw in 2040, and the annual compound year-on-year growth rate will be as high as 24%. The energy storage field will drive the rapid growth of lithium battery copper foil demand. The average copper foil consumption per unit of lithium-ion battery is about 900 tons /gwh (8 μ m) It is estimated that by 2040, the demand for lithium battery copper foil will reach 990000 tons, with broad prospects in the future.

In addition, by the end of 2019, China has built more than 130000 5g base stations; By the end of February 2020, 164000 5g base stations have been built and opened nationwide. With the acceleration of 5g, IDC and other new infrastructure, the demand for upstream PCB and CCL will be greatly boosted, and the copper foil market will show a situation of "both volume and price rising".

In addition, according to the survey data, as of April 2020, the total number of mobile phone users of the three major operators reached 1.59 billion. From January to April 2020, the cumulative shipment of 5g mobile phones in the domestic market was 30.441 million. The huge number of mobile phone users provides the basis for 5g conversion. The growth rate of lithium battery in 3C field is expected to recover. 2020 will usher in the outbreak of 5g smart phone iterative upgrading, and the pent up 4G will wait for the full release of 5g replacement demand. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[performance] Jiayuan technology predicts that the profit in 2020 will fall by 60.89% to 73.06% year-on-year

On July 13, Jiayuan Technology (688388.sh) disclosed that according to the preliminary calculation of the company's financial department, the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in the half year of 2020 is expected to be 48.6619 million yuan to 70.6619 million yuan, which will be reduced by 110 million yuan to 132 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 60.89% to 73.06% compared with the same period of the previous year (statutory disclosure data).

Jiayuan technology said that the main reasons for the performance changes in this period are: 1. Affected by the COVID-19 this year, domestic and foreign market sales were less than expected, and demand fell. During the reporting period, the production and operation of downstream customers recovered slowly, and the company's production orders and product shipments fell to a certain extent.2. During the reporting period, the new production capacity of each lithium battery copper foil manufacturer was gradually released, the market demand was less than expected, the competition was becoming increasingly fierce, the company's product sales price and gross profit margin decreased, and the company's net profit decreased to a certain extent compared with the same period last year. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[International] Japan JX plans to increase the copper output of its Chile caserones project by 13% within three years

Tokyo, July 15: Seiichi Murayama, President of JX Nippon mining&metals, said on Wednesday that he plans to increase the annual copper production of its Chile caserones project by 13% in the next three years, striving to achieve annual net profit by 2022/23 fiscal year. (source: Business Club)

[think tank circle]2020-2021 6 μ M the supply of lithium copper foil may still be mainly from the original large manufacturers

According to the research report released by industrial securities, at present, the first-line lithium battery copper foil manufacturers 8 μ M the average energy density of lithium copper foil is 230wh/kg, which can be obtained according to the mass energy density = battery capacity / battery mass, using 6 μ m、4.5 μ M lithium copper foil will be higher than 8 μ M lithium battery copper foil capacity density increased by 5% and 9%.

Industrial Securities forecast, 6 μ M is expected to become the mainstream of lithium battery copper foil from 2020 to 2021. Future if 6 μ M has become the mainstream, and the new supply mainly comes from the planned expansion of manufacturers and traditional 8 μ M direction 6 μ M there are two ways to switch to production. However, the lithium copper foil industry has strong equipment barriers, certification barriers and technical process barriers (yield), which makes it difficult for new entrants to enter in the short term; It is mainly manifested in the procurement of core equipment (cathode roller, foil generator), the capital construction period and trial production cycle of the new production line, etc., and there is a one-year construction window period; At the same time, the certification cycle of copper foil for power batteries is about half a year, and it takes at least half a year for batch production, which makes it impossible to quickly put the expanded capacity on the market in a short time. Existing manufacturers try to start from 8 μ M to 6 μ m. The conversion of standard foil to lithium battery copper foil has large differences in capacity loss rate, enterprise yield and a certain conversion time cycle. It is estimated that June 2020-2021 μ M the supply of lithium battery copper foil may still be mainly from the original large manufacturers.

Article source:Battery net

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