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[cathode material weekly report] the first batch of equipment of honeycomb energy cobalt free cathode production line has been installed in the factory! The demand for power batteries may continue the rising trend of cobalt price


蜂巢能源无钴正极产线首批设备入厂安装 无钴电池开始样车路测

[company] the first batch of equipment of honeycomb energy cobalt free cathode production line enters the factory to install cobalt free batteries and start the road test of the sample vehicle

Battery network learned that today, the first batch of equipment of honeycomb energy cobalt free production line - atmosphere protection roller kiln officially entered the factory for installation, marking the official entry of honeycomb energy cathode material production line into the equipment installation stage.

A few days ago, honeycomb energy successfully completed the first test sample vehicle of cobalt free battery, and officially launched the road test.

The cobalt free battery loaded for the first time is the 115ah product launched at the honeycomb energy online conference on May 18, with an energy density of ≥ 235wh/kg and 2500 cycles; This loading is matched with vda355 module. According to the plan of honeycomb energy, this product will be introduced to the market in June 2021 and can carry most of the current new pure electric platforms. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

收储预期催化钴价上涨情绪 动力电池需求等或将延续涨价趋势

[market] purchase and storage expectations catalyse the rise in cobalt prices, and the demand for emotional power batteries may continue to rise

In terms of power batteries, although the cost reduction of "cobalt free" has been continuously explored recently, Tesla, the industry leader, renewed its purchase of cobalt in June this year, once again consolidating the demand rigidity of cobalt in this field. A new energy vehicle industry analyst explained to the financial associated press on the advantages of cobalt in power batteries: "the ternary battery containing cobalt has a higher energy density, that is, it carries more energy per unit volume."

In terms of terminal demand, according to the data of China Automobile Association, the output of new energy vehicles in China in August was 106000, with a year-on-year increase of 17.7%, and the corresponding sales volume was 109000, with a year-on-year increase of 25.8%. The above analyst told the financial news agency: "in the medium and long term, the prosperity of global new energy vehicles is on the rise. Since July, the sales of new energy vehicles have increased (for the first time this year). The growth of new energy vehicles in Europe under subsidies is faster than that in China."

In addition, cobalt, as an indispensable element of lithium cobalt battery widely used in mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, its demand is expected to benefit from the rebound of consumer electronics under the 5g trend and the driving force of the third quarter peak season. The relevant person in charge of Furong Technology (603327.sh), an upstream consumer electronics enterprise, previously told the financial news agency: "downstream mobile phone manufacturers and other new machines will release their listing needs from September to October, as well as large consumer festivals such as the national day, the double National Day and the Spring Festival in the second half of the year will drive (upstream) demand."

On the supply side, according to the reporter, nearly 90% of China's Cobalt demand depends on imports. A nonferrous metals industry analyst previously told the associated press that cobalt is mainly produced in South Africa and Congo, and its production will be affected under the epidemic; In addition, Glencore, the global leader in cobalt, reduced production and guaranteed prices some time ago, which also had a certain impact on supply. It is worth mentioning that analysts from Guotai Junan Securities and industrial securities are clearly optimistic about the rising space of cobalt price. (source: Cailian)


[PROJECT] LG Chemical and Huayou cobalt joint venture Leyou new energy phase I project completed

According to the news released by the Bureau of Commerce of Wuxi high tech Zone, recently, the completion ceremony of Leyou new energy materials (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., with a total investment of US $1billion, was held in Wuxi high tech Zone.

Leyou new energy, founded on June 29th, 2018, is a new company jointly invested by LG Chemical and Huayou cobalt. LG Chemical is in the leading position in the field of automotive power batteries in the world, and Huayou cobalt is the world's largest producer of raw cobalt. The total investment of the project is about US $1billion, the registered capital is about US $430million, the production capacity is planned to be 100000 tons, and the annual output value is up to 20billion yuan. The first phase of the completed project can produce 600000 power batteries for high-performance new energy vehicles with a charging mileage of 320 kilometers. At present, the project construction is smooth. It is planned to start mass production with a capacity of 5000 tons this month, and it is expected to achieve the production target of 45000 tons in the first phase in the third quarter of next year. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[interaction] Ganfeng lithium industry: the decline in lithium salt prices slowed down. The 50000 ton lithium hydroxide expansion project is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year

Recently, Ganfeng lithium (002460) revealed during the investigation of the reception organization that the 50000 ton lithium hydroxide expansion project of the company is speeding up the finishing work. At present, it has caught up with the progress affected by the epidemic, and is expected to be commissioned at the end of October and officially put into production before the end of the year. In addition, the company's lithium concentrate supply is not affected by the epidemic and Australian policies. In 2020, the company's lithium concentrate supply is still dominated by rim, and the company has a certain inventory at present. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

9月上旬氢氧化锂市场行情稳定运行 碳酸锂价格整体稍有走低

[industry] in the first ten days of September, the lithium hydroxide Market was stable, and the price of lithium carbonate fell slightly as a whole

According to customs statistics, the import volume of lithium hydroxide in July 2020 was 3.20 tons, the import amount in that month was about 60000 dollars, and the average import price in that month was 18797.13 dollars / ton; In July 2020, the export volume of lithium hydroxide in China was 3698.45 tons, the export amount in that month was about 35.86 million dollars, and the average export price in that month was 9696.21 dollars / ton.

Upstream lithium carbonate, according to the data monitoring of Business News Agency: on September 10, the overall price of lithium carbonate fell slightly, while the quoted price of enterprises rose and fell. On September 10, the average price of industrial lithium carbonate in East China was 38900 yuan / ton, down 2.75% from the beginning of the week (the average price of industrial lithium carbonate in East China was 40000 yuan / ton on September 7). On September 10, the average price of battery grade lithium carbonate in East China was 43900 yuan / ton, down 2.23% from the beginning of the week (the average price of battery grade lithium carbonate in East China was 44900 yuan / ton on September 7). On the 10th, the mainstream quotation of industrial grade lithium carbonate market was around 35000~40000 yuan / ton, and the mainstream quotation of battery grade lithium carbonate market was around 40000~45000 yuan / ton.

According to the lithium hydroxide analysts of business club, the market demand of lithium hydroxide is gradually recovering, and it is expected that the market situation of industrial lithium hydroxide may be stable in the short term. (source: Business Club)

[think tank circle] high nickel and low cobalttechnologyThe direction of the route is not wrong

The performance of cathode material enterprises generally declined in the first half of the year, and the market demand showed signs of warming in the second half of the year. Enterprises are also promoting sales by optimizing capacity layout, accelerating capacity release, strengthening strategic cooperation and overseas customer development, but there is great pressure to restore orders and performance to the same period last year.

In addition, recently, the ncm811 high nickel and low cobalt route has been controversial again. Wu Hui, general manager of the research department of IVI Economic Research Institute, pointed out in an interview with battery network that the 811 technology direction is not wrong, and there is still a lot of space in the market, but enterprises need to work more on battery research and development and product technology.

Article source:Battery net

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