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[original] Ganfeng lithium industry expanded production of 3C lithium batteries by 3 billion


Ganfeng lithium (002460) announced that Huizhou Ganfeng, a wholly-owned subsidiary, will build a "high-end polymer lithium battery R & D and production base project" in Huizhou Zhongkai high tech Zone with its own funds of no more than 3 billion yuan, with a construction period of 2 years.

This large-scale expansion of polymer lithium battery capacity is also enough to see Ganfeng lithium's determination and ambition to "invade" the lithium battery market.

In fact, since the acquisition of maybay electronics in 2014, Ganfeng lithium has gradually increased its layout in the field of lithium battery manufacturing, and the proportion of lithium batteries and battery cells in the main business revenue has been rising. By Q1 2020, lithium batteries and battery cells accounted for 19.3% of the main business revenue.

In H1 2020, Ganfeng lithium lithium battery series products achieved a revenue of 415 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55.42%, and the gross profit margin increased to 15.89%. It is mainly due to the production capacity of the high-capacity lithium-ion power battery project with an annual output of 600million watt hours and the company's further expansion in the TWS battery market.

With the continuous development of Ganfeng lithium in TWS, Bluetooth headset and smart wear market, lithium battery may become an important engine for its performance growth.

At present, the lithium battery business segment of Ganfeng lithium industry has begun to take shape. The automatic polymer lithium battery production line of Dongguan Ganfeng lithium battery and the lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery production line of Ganfeng lithium battery operated smoothly; Ganfeng electronic TWS batteries have a daily output of 100000-120000; A pilot production line for solid-state lithium battery research and development is under construction.

In terms of the recovery of retired lithium batteries, it will establish a large-scale comprehensive facility that can recover 100000 tons of retired lithium batteries every year, and plan to layout dozens of pretreatment centers nationwide.

So far, Ganfeng lithium industry has also formed an industrial closed loop of "upstream lithium resource development - midstream lithium salt deep processing and metal lithium smelting - downstream lithium battery manufacturing - comprehensive recycling of retired lithium batteries", which can form a synergistic effect.

Article source:High tech lithium power grid

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