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[diaphragm weekly] the concentration of diaphragm industry is still increasing! Jinguan shares plans to transfer diaphragm business assets



[transfer] Jinguan shares: it is proposed to transfer 85% equity of Liaoyuan Hongtu and 85% equity of Huzhou Jinguan

On September 30, golden crown (300510) announced that the company plans to transfer 85% of the equity of Liaoyuan Hongtu and Huzhou golden crown, a wholly-owned subsidiary, by public listing through a legally established property rights trading institution. The initial public listing transfer price is not less than the subject equity evaluation value of 699 million yuan.

The purpose of this listing and transfer of assets is to integrate the company's industrial business, optimize the asset structure of listed companies, and avoid the adverse impact on the company caused by the cyclical downturn in the diaphragm industry. After the listing and transfer of assets, the company strives to turn losses into profits as soon as possible, and effectively safeguard and promote the interests of all shareholders of the listed company. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[company] Xingyuan material: 16.85 million yuan of government subsidies have been received

On October 9, Xingyuan material (300568) announced that according to the relevant notice, the company recently received 16.85 million yuan from the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology for the technological transformation project of key material manufacturers for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Shenzhen in 2020. The above-mentioned government subsidies are distributed in cash, and the subsidies have been received. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)


[technology] JACS Nanjing Institute of Technology Professor Zhang Gen's team has made the latest research progress in proton exchange membrane materials

At present, the environmental pollution and energy crisis caused by fossil fuels are becoming increasingly serious, and it is urgent to accelerate the development and utilization of new energy. As an energy conversion device that converts "chemical energy into electrical energy", fuel cell has become one of the ten new technologies that change human life because of its high energy conversion efficiency, high energy density, no noise and no pollution. Proton exchange membrane with excellent performance is the core technology in fuel cell research and development. In the past decades, the development of proton conducting materials has produced various perfluorinated polyelectrolytes, such as Nafion. However, due to the narrow applicable temperature range, high cost and insufficient durability of these materials, their applications in high temperature resistance and high energy density fuel cells are limited.

Covalent organic framework (COF) is a new type of crystalline organic porous polymer, which is an ordered framework structure formed by covalent bonding of organic structural units. One of their remarkable characteristics is the adjustability of structure and performance. The homogeneous 1D channels formed by two-dimensional COF are similar to those in Nafion structure, which makes them potential materials for proton transport. However, the poor chemical stability of traditional COF materials limits its application in acidic proton exchange membranes.

In view of this, Professor Zhang Gen's team developed a bottom-up self-assembly strategy, constructed perfluoroalkyl functionalized two-dimensional COF, and systematically studied the effects of fluorine chains with different lengths on the crystal state and proton conductivity of COF. Compared with fluorine-free COF, fluorinated COF has super structural stability to strong acids due to its enhanced hydrophobicity, and can exist stably in concentrated phosphoric acid (85%), concentrated nitric acid (65%) and concentrated hydrochloric acid (38%). The characterization results showed that the proton transport conductivity of fluorinated COF material under anhydrous conditions reached one of the highest examples of anhydrous proton transport performance of organic porous materials, and this ion transport performance was 10000 times that of fluorine-free COF. The solid-state NMR characterization results show that phosphoric acid is connected with each other through hydrogen bonds in the COF channel, and most phosphoric acids have strong mobility. At the same time, the COF framework structure is rigid, so it has the performance of fast proton conduction. This paper provides a successful example of COF functionalization modification for realizing its guiding functionalization through the design of COF pore structure. This research paves the way for the pre design and functionalization of the pore surface to achieve the target performance of COF, and highlights the great potential of COF nanochannels as a rapid ion transport platform. (source: chemical addition)


[think tank circle] the concentration of diaphragm industry is still increasing

SMM analysis said that the power battery factory procurement demand increased, cost control, prices will remain stable. The concentration of diaphragm industry is still increasing, the downstream demand is still strong, and the orders of leading enterprises continue. Last week, SMM wet base membrane (5 μ m) The price is 2.5-3.3 yuan / square meter, SMM wet base membrane (7 μ m) The price is 1.8-2.2 yuan / square meter, SMM wet base membrane (9 μ m) The price is 1.2-1.5 yuan / square meter, and the average price is flat compared with last week. SMM dry base film (16 μ m) The price is 0.9-1 yuan / square meter, and the average price is the same as last week. SMM wet coating base film (5 μ m 2 μ m) The price is 3-3.8 yuan / square meter, SMM wet coating base film (7 μ m 2 μ m) The price is 2.2-2.6 yuan / square meter, SMM wet coating base film (9 μ m 3 μ m) The price is 1.8-2.5 yuan / square meter, and the average price is the same as last week.

Article source:Battery net

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