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The demand for terminals and batteries continues to increase, and the price of cobalt lithium raw materials remains stable


SMM, October 19:

Battery terminal market:

In terms of the power market, the production scheduling plan of the head car enterprises continued to increase in October. Affected by the epidemic in the first half of this year, the overall production and sales volume of the car market was poor, the market recovered significantly in the second half of this year, and the year-end performance impact of car enterprises was stronger than in previous years. The overall output of power battery enterprises has also increased synchronously. The operating rate of several head battery enterprises is more than 80%, including ironlithium batteryThe production is basically close to full capacity, and the demand for ternary batteries is still increasing.

Upstream raw material price:

Cobalt: long orders of cobalt raw materials are under discussion, and the spot quotation is increased. According to the customer's feedback, the cobalt raw material inquiry is increased, and the supplier's shipment is tight. The quotations of cobalt salt and cobalt oxide are firm, and the downstream inquiries may continue to increase this week. The market for electrolytic cobalt and cobalt powder is relatively light, and the demand is relatively low.

Lithium: the price of battery grade lithium carbonate and quasi electric carbon rose slightly last week, mainly due to the recent decline in market supply. Based on the tightening of shipments by some manufacturers in Jiangxi and Sichuan, combined with the increase in downstream purchase demand, the price fluctuated slightly. With the rebound in output, combined with the accumulation of reserves in the overall market, the surplus situation is serious, and the price is expected to rise weakly this week.

Cathode materials and precursors: in terms of ternary materials and precursors, the conventional price of yuanprecursor 523 fell last Wednesday, mainly due to the serious price reduction of downstream material factories and the low price selling phenomenon in the market, many precursor enterprises can only choose to ship at a reduced price. At present, there are still incremental orders in the power market. Considering that the price of raw materials has not changed significantly, the price of single crystal products remains stable, and there is no downward trend for the time being.

Nickel: the fundamentals of nickel market were positive last week, and Shanghai nickel continued to rise violently, breaking the 120000 / ton mark; The market quotation of nickel sulfate has a slight upward trend with the nickel price, but due to the sufficient supply of battery grade nickel sulfate Market, the transaction price of crystal is still in the range of 27000-27500 / ton. If nickel continues to rise or stands above the 120000 / ton mark in this cycle, the price of battery grade nickel sulfate will rise accordingly.


1. [BAIC new energy sales fell by nearly 80% precipitously] in the past few years, BAIC new energy has developed rapidly, and its sales volume increased from 20000 in 2015 to 150000 in 2019, becoming the first in the domestic pure electricity market for seven consecutive years. Since this year, BAIC new energy sales have declined significantly.

2. [LG Chemical: is negotiating with a number of car companies to establish a battery joint venture] on October 16, the world's leadingelectric vehicleHak cheol shin, CEO of LG Chemical, a battery manufacturer, said the company was in talks with several car manufacturers to establish joint ventures to produceElectric vehicle

3. [add 20000 to upgrade the 7-seat version of modely, which will be put into production in November] musk revealed on his personal twitter account a few days ago,TeslaModely7 seat models will be put into production in "next month", that is, November, and the first batch of models will be delivered in early December. According to Tesla's overseas official website, the price of the model Y's 7-seat version is $3000 more than the ordinary 5-seat Version (about 20000 yuan), which is equivalent to 20000 yuan more for two more seats. At present, the prices of the two different configurations of the model are $43690 (about 294000 yuan) and $53690 (about 361300 yuan) respectively.

Author: SMM cobalt lithium analysis Huo yuan source: SMM

Article source: OFweek lithium grid
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