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[cobalt lithium new energy] the consumption of C-end customers increased, and the market inquiry of raw materials increased


SMM, October 22:

Battery terminal market:

According to the insurance data of new energy passenger vehicles, the number of insured vehicles in September was 113000, up 22% month on month. Among them, pureElectric vehicleThe sales volume was 91000, accounting for 80.4%, and the sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles was 22000, accounting for 19.6%. Individual users increased month on month. Hongguang mini and BYD "Han" led the consumption of C-end customers to rise. In September, SAIC GM Wuling returned to the first place, reaching 17938 vehicles, and BYD's sales volume also exceeded 15000 vehicles, of which Han's sales volume ranked first in BYD's products.

Upstream raw material price:

Cobalt: the quotation of cobalt salt remained high this week, and spot transactions were sporadic. The transaction price of a little cobalt sulfate was 53000 yuan / ton. Co3O4 is quoted at 21-215000 yuan / ton, and the downstream plans to reduce the price, resulting in price deadlock. The quotation of electrolytic cobalt and cobalt powder has been reduced, with sporadic transactions. Recently, the annual long-term agreement on cobalt intermediate products was under discussion. The raw material suppliers reported that the logistics recovery was not as expected, the spot shipment of cobalt intermediate products was still tight, and the spot quotation remained high.

Lithium: the inquiry of lithium carbonate increased this week, most of which are priced at 42000-43000 yuan / ton. The shipment of some salt plants in Sichuan is tightening, and the transaction price may reach the quotation. It is expected that the market price will rise slightly in the near future. Transactions in the battery grade lithium hydroxide Market were sporadic, and the demand for high nickel in the downstream only increased slightly, but the market price may decline slightly after the inventory accumulation is high.

Cathode materials and precursors: Recently, the power market has not reached the peak of procurement, there are too many market inquiries, the price of cobalt salt is basically stable, the price of nickel salt rises slightly, and the price of precursors is still fluctuating within the range. In addition, subject to the decline in the price of precursors in the digital market after the holiday, the low price of ternary material type 523 has also been reduced accordingly, and the current price of single crystal products has not changed.

Nickel: this week, Shanghai nickel rose above 120000 / ton due to macro factors, with high volatility. The market price of battery grade nickel sulfate rose to 28000 / ton, but the mainstream transaction price in the market was still around 27500 / ton, mainly because the price of downstream precursors was difficult to rise. Recently, transactions in nickel sulfate Market have been light.


1. [Q3 financial report will be released soon, Wall Street estimatesTeslaOn October 21, Wall Street predicted that,electric vehicleTesla, the manufacturer, will make profits in the third quarter of this year, which means that the company will make profits for the fifth consecutive quarter. It is reported that Tesla will announce its financial results for the third quarter of 2020 after the close of trading on October 21 local time, and wall street seems to be quite optimistic about the company's performance in this quarter.

2. [JAC motor finally turned loss into profit, but the profit of the first three quarters still fell by more than 60% year-on-year] on October 20, JAC motor released a performance forecast that the company's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to September 2020 is expected to be about 44million yuan, turning loss into profit; Compared with the same period last year, it decreased by about 77 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of about 64%. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non recurring profits and losses is about - 907 million yuan, which will decrease by about 823 million yuan compared with the same period of last year.

3. [LG Chemical is considering increasing the battery capacity of electric vehicles in North America and Europe] LG Chemical said that it is considering increasing the battery capacity of electric vehicles in North America and Europe; Expand the electric vehicle battery business to leasing and other fields.

Author: SMM cobalt lithium analysis Huo yuan source: SMM

Article source:OFweek lithium grid

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