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The demand for lithium battery equipment will explode in the fierce battle of coating / winding / chemical volume division


锂电设备需求将爆发 涂布/卷绕/化成分容激战酣热

Sharp tools make good work. As an indispensable tool for lithium battery manufacturing, equipment will directly affect the production cost, production efficiency and product performance of lithium battery. In the post epidemic era, the global economic transformation promotes the overweight of lithium battery supply side, and the superposition of the wave of automobile electrification leads to the outbreak of demand side. As the upstream of the industrial chain, the lithium battery equipment industry is expected to fully benefit.


In fact, many enterprises have received large orders this year. Recently, Yinghe Technology issued an announcement of winning major contracts, and Ningde times has sent the order winning notice to the listed company by email. The total amount of winning equipment of Yinghe technology is 1.44 billion yuan, accounting for about 86% of the company's audited main business income in the latest fiscal year. In addition, the purchase order amount signed by Ningde times and its holding subsidiaries with Yinghe technology from January to September 2020 was 96.81 million yuan.

On the same day with Yinghe technology, Funeng Oriental also announced that its holding subsidiary chaoye precision and Ningde new energy (ATL) had signed daily operation contracts with a total amount of 301 million yuan from May to October this year. The subject matter of the contract is lithium battery equipment such as liquid injection machine and polar lug welding forming machine. In addition, enterprise investigation showed that in June this year, super precision also generated a transaction of 104million yuan with Funeng technology.

Previously, Xingyun Co., Ltd. mentioned in its financial report that the cumulative amount of equipment purchase orders signed between the company and Ningde times and its holding subsidiaries from January to April this year has exceeded 113 million yuan. In addition, Xingyun Co., Ltd. also announced that it plans to raise a total of no more than 400million yuan for projects such as smart manufacturing equipment for new energy vehicle batteries, capacity separation equipment for lithium battery cells, and automatic line equipment production line for small power battery pack assembly.

It is worth noting that lithium battery equipment enterprises are also very active in the capital market. In September this year, haimuxing laser officially landed on the science and innovation board, and plans to raise 800million yuan for investment in "laser and automation equipment expansion project", "laser and automation equipment R & D center construction project", etc. In June, after more than a year of continuous brewing, Yinglian laser officially landed on the science and technology innovation board. In May, the manufacturer of photovoltaic and lithium battery equipment otevi also officially landed on the science and technology innovation board.

Various signs have shown that the lithium battery equipment market will usher in great development. According to industry organizations, the growth rate of lithium battery equipment industry will remain at about 30% in the next five years. In 2020, the domestic market demand alone will reach 34billion yuan, and the output value of domestic equipment is expected to exceed 27billion yuan.


However, it should be noted that while the market demand continues to expand, the concentration of lithium battery equipment industry is also gradually increasing, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Data show that as early as 2018, the market share of China's top 10 lithium battery equipment enterprises has exceeded 60%, and it is expected to exceed 80% in the future. The stronger the stronger the situation is expected to strengthen, and the living space of small and medium-sized equipment enterprises will be further squeezed.

Market analysts believe that the industry characteristics of lithium battery equipment determine that it is easy to form a highly centralized competition pattern in all links. Equipment not only determines the production cost and efficiency of batteries, but more importantly, the accuracy and stability of equipment play a decisive role in the consistency of battery performance, which cannot be improved only through materials and process formulas. Therefore, whether first-line power battery manufacturers or newcomers, In order to have stronger product competitiveness, they will choose the best equipment manufacturers, which has gradually formed a highly centralized competition pattern of core equipment.

It is understood that the production process of lithium battery can be divided into the front process (pole piece production), the middle process (cell production) and the rear process (inspection and assembly). In terms of value, the cost of equipment in the front, middle and rear sections accounts for about 35%, 35% and 30% respectively. Among them, the value of coater accounts for the highest proportion in the front-end equipment; Among the middle section equipment, the value of winding machine and laminating machine accounts for the highest proportion; The chemical composition and volume detection accounts for the highest proportion in the rear equipment. Coating, winding / lamination and chemical composition and volume separation are the core equipment in lithium battery production equipment.

As the core equipment of the previous process, the coater requires that the stirred slurry can be evenly coated on the metal foil and dried into positive and negative plates, and the thickness should be accurate to 2 μ Below M. With the continuous improvement of localization in the field of coating equipment, the localization rate of coating equipment has exceeded 80%. However, there are few enterprises that really master the core technology of coating in China. The market shares of the top five coating enterprises in China, such as putailai (xinjiatuo), Haoneng technology, leading intelligence, Yinghe Technology (Yakang precision) and jinyinhe, account for more than 60% of the total domestic production.

Generally speaking, the cylindrical battery adopts the winding process, the flexible battery adopts the lamination process, and the square battery can adopt both the winding process and the lamination process. At present, the oligarchy of lithium battery equipment winder Market is becoming increasingly obvious. The total market share of top5 enterprise leading intelligence, Yinghe technology, Chengjie intelligence, Jiyang intelligence and Huaguan technology is more than 90%, of which the market share of leading intelligence is more than 60%.

As an important trend in the preparation of lithium battery cells in the future, lamination technology is currently being strengthened by major equipment manufacturers in China. With the continuous evolution of large-scale cells and high energy density, the lamination process may become an incremental process in the future domestic lithium battery production, and relevant equipment enterprises are expected to benefit. Among them, Yinghe technology signed a cooperation agreement with Germany Manz in the field of laminating machine, and Germany Manz is an international leader in the field of thermal lamination.

Compared with the front and middle sections, the technical threshold of the rear section equipment is relatively low, so the current localization rate is high. It is understood that at present, there are more than 40 chemical component equipment enterprises in China, and the degree of equipment localization is as high as 95%; Among them, hang Ke technology, leading intelligence, Xingyun Co., Ltd. and Ruineng Co., Ltd. are the leaders. As early as 2018, the market share of the top ten chemical component equipment enterprises can reach 60%, which is expected to reach more than 80% in 2020.

With the development of power batteries to high energy density and high quality, it will promote the improvement of equipment technical requirements. Equipment suppliers entering the downstream head power battery enterprises will benefit from a new round of power battery expansion and concentration improvement. High quality equipment suppliers in all links of the lithium battery equipment industry chain will usher in a new round of development opportunities, while weak enterprises will be eliminated, and the industry will continue to improve quality and upgrade in the continuous shuffle.

Article source:Battery China

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