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Battery grade lithium carbonate manufacturers plan to raise prices in November


ChinaBatterylevelLithium carbonateThe spot ex factory price of (the lowest 99.5% lithium carbonate) rose for three consecutive weeks from the previous low-end price, and rose to 49000-41000 tons (US $5980-6130 / ton) from 39000-41000 yuan / ton the previous week.

This is the third rise in the price of lithium carbonate in China since it rose from 37000-41000 yuan / ton on October 8.It is reported that manufacturers insist on high selling prices, and it is difficult for the market to find cheap raw materials less than 40000 yuan / ton. Downstream purchasing activity improved and inventories decreased, and producers expected prices to continue to rise in November.


A buyer told fastmarkets, "there are few battery grade lithium carbonate less than 40000 yuan / ton in the market, and it is even difficult to reach a deal at the price of 40000 yuan / ton; more transactions tend to be concluded at 40500-41000 yuan / ton."

"We expect the quotation of battery grade lithium carbonate to reach 43000 yuan / ton in November. Since September, the order volume of downstream buyers has continued to improve, and our spot supply in November is relatively tight.

Another buyer said, "the transaction price of most transactions is between 40000-41000 yuan / ton. But I think the spot price in December may be slightly higher, because a lot of materials have been ordered in November."

Due to the continuous tight supply and the quotation of Salt Lake manufacturers maintained at 36000 yuan / ton or even higher, China's industrial lithium carbonate market also maintained a stable trend that week. Fastmarkets' assessment shows that the spot price of industrial lithium carbonate in China has increased from 33000-35000 yuan / ton to 34000-35000 yuan / ton.

On the contrary, due to the continued weakness of downstream demand, battery levelLithium hydroxideThe market fell; As a result, the price difference between lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate markets narrowed from 4000-7000 yuan / ton to 3000-7000 yuan / ton.

The spot ex factory price of battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate (the lowest 56.5% lithium hydroxide monohydrate) in China fell from 43000-49000 yuan / ton to 43000-48000 yuan / ton.

Another producer said, "the price difference between lithium hydroxide and carbonate is gradually narrowing. Some cheap lithium hydroxide resources are even close to the same level as lithium carbonate. The downstream demand for lithium hydroxide has not yet increased significantly, so the price has not followed the upward trend of lithium carbonate."

Stability of Asian shipping lithium market

Since September 17, the spot CIF price of battery grade lithium carbonate (the lowest 99.5% lithium carbonate) in China, Japan and South Korea has remained unchanged at $6-7.5/kg.The spot CIF of battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate (minimum 56.5% lithium hydroxide monohydrate) in China, Japan and South Korea is also unchanged, at $8.5-9.5 / kg.

An Asian buyer said, "most lithium hydroxide transactions this week are still at $8.5-9.5 / kg, but we have not yet made new purchases because we still have inventory."

At the same time, a dealer said there were signs that demand had rebounded, which would lead to a reduction in inventory, "but we don't think prices will rise significantly in the short term."CIF China of lithium concentrate (minimum 6% content) fell from $370-400 / ton in September to $360-390 / ton at the end of October.

Market traders said that although some manufacturers announced an increase in customer inquiries, prices were cheaper for most of October. Market sources said that negotiations on the annual supply contract were currently under way.

Early signs of recovery appeared in the spot lithium market in Europe and the United States

The spot prices of battery grade and industrial grade lithium in Europe and the United States are still fluctuating within the range, and market traders express different views on whether the price has reached the bottom and whether there is expected to be a new increase in the near future.

Meanwhile, negotiations on long-term contracts for the coming year are continuing. The source said that the price of new contracts and renewed contracts may rise due to the improved market mentality.

The spot price of European and American industrial grade lithium carbonate (the lowest 99.5% lithium carbonate) after tax payment has remained unchanged since September 10, when it fell from $6-7.2 to $5.8-7 / kg.

This areaUpstream marketAccording to a source in Beijing, he has begun to hear about the price of $6 / kg, which depends on the trading volume. "The price rise in China undoubtedly pushes up the price.". The source said: "the battery price is more stable than the industrial price."

Another source active in the purchase of lithium compounds said that the lithium carbonate Market in China has reached the bottom, while prices in Europe are still falling.

The spot price of battery grade lithium carbonate in Europe and the United States after tax payment (the lowest 99.5% lithium carbonate) remained unchanged for three consecutive weeks after falling from $7.5-8.8/kg to $7.5-8.5/kg in early October.

Industrial lithium hydroxide market remains stable

An upstream source active in Europe said: "at present, the market is very active, and we have seen a lot of inquiries... This is good news for us. But despite the stable price, there is still no rise."

He added: "China's price is definitely a factor to pay attention to the price trend... At present, what we see is that the contract price has an upward momentum, not the spot market."

Four weeks ago, the spot price of European and American industrial grade lithium hydroxide (minimum 56.5% lithium hydroxide) after tax payment was $7-8.2 / kg.

"If you buy from a dealer, the price will be slightly higher than $7, but if you buy a large number of products directly from the manufacturer, the price may be lower," he said

A dealer active in the market said he expected prices to rise due to the current shortage of raw materials.

The spot price of European and American battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate (minimum 56.5% lithium hydroxide monohydrate) after tax payment is $9-10 / kg.

Sources agreed that the spot price of battery grade lithium hydroxide delivered to Europe should be higher than the price in the more liquid Asian maritime market, with a premium.

A document from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) announced that Altura mining, a spodumene producer, had entered the takeover process. Richard Tucker and johnbumbak from kordamentha, a consultant and investment company, were appointed as the receiver and manager respectively, and were immediately responsible for all operational matters.

The source believes that if the spodumene equipment of Altura is maintained, it will help to solve the current oversupply in the market and help the price rise.

Spodumene producer Pilbara minerals said it had reached a conditional agreement to acquire Altura mining's lithium salt project in Western Australia. The source told fastmarkets that if this part of the production capacity is in the state of maintenance and overhaul, it will be beneficial to the lithium price.

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