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The difference between cylindrical battery, square battery and soft pack battery


The large diameter of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries limits the thickness of end-user electronic products. The appearance design of square lithium-ion batteries is relatively fixed. Compared with polymer soft packed lithium-ion batteries, it is difficult to be thin. Both kinds of lithium-ion batteries cannot better meet the requirements of consumer electronic products for light, thin and variable size.

Aluminum plastic film is used as the packaging material for polymer soft packed lithium-ion batteries, which is light in weight and high in safety; The shape design is flexible, and the shape of the battery can be customized according to customer needs; The energy density is higher, and the volume of polymer encapsulated lithium-ion battery is smaller under the condition of maintaining a certain battery capacity; And it has long cycle life and good heat dissipation, which can better meet the needs of consumer electronic products for lightweight, safety, energy density, variable size and so on.

Therefore, consumer lithium-ion batteries have experienced a transformation from cylindrical batteries and square batteries to polymer soft packed lithium-ion batteries.

In the field of power batteries, compared with cylindrical and square batteries using metal materials as the shell, soft pack batteries have the advantages of light weight, good safety performance, flexible appearance design and so on.

With the improvement of performance and safety requirements of end consumers and governments of various countries for new energy vehicles and electric motorcycles, flexible battery has become one of the important development directions of power battery by virtue of its advantages. Article source:OFweek lithium grid

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