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Wireless headset hot! Lithium battery leading companies were investigated by institutions


Lithium power gridNews: one week after the disclosure of the third quarterly report (November 4 - November 9), the institutional research heat gradually returned to normal.

According to the statistics of the reporter of securities times · e company, a total of 120 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen disclosed the summary of institutional research last week, includingLithium batteryGanfeng lithium, a concept stock, was investigated by 221 investors from 189 institutions, and TWS related companies such as rambler and Jiahe intelligence were also intensively investigated by institutions due to the significant growth of wireless headset (TWS) sales.

Lithium battery prices are expected to hit the bottom and rebound

It is understood that in the past two years, China's lithium battery industry has continued to face the dual pressure of market supply and demand. On the one hand, with the influx of capital from all walks of life, China's lithium industry has generally shown overcapacity. On the other hand, with the development ofNew energy vehiclesSubsidies gradually decline,new energyThe growth rate of automobile production and sales began to decline sharply, and the market was more sensitive to the upstreamLithium battery materialsThe demand growth rate also gradually slowed down, leading to the continuous decline in the price of related lithium compounds.

According to wind data, domesticLithium carbonateThe average price fell from the peak of 160000 yuan / ton in 2017 to about 60000 yuan / ton in the third quarter of this year, a decrease of about 60%.

Affected by this, the net profit of Ganfeng lithium industry in the first three quarters of this year was 329 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 66.15%, mainly due to the loss of 164 million yuan from changes in fair value caused by the decline in the share price of Pilbara company in Australia, one of the world's leading lithium and tantalum projects held by the company, which affected the company's operating performance in the third quarter. Therefore, the company also expects the net profit of the whole year to decline by 55% to 65% year-on-year. The revenue and net profit of Tianqi lithium in the first three quarters fell by 20.21% and 91.74% year-on-year respectively.


In this survey, institutions are generally concerned about whether the cost line of Australian concentrate will continue to be reduced to less than $500, causing the price of lithium battery products to continue to fall. In this regard, Ganfeng lithium said that the market is slowly warming, but the subsequent situation mainly depends on the marginal cost of enterprises and market conditions.

Not long ago, when Tianqi lithium was surveyed by institutions, it also said that at present, under the background of the slower than expected release of new capacity, the supply-demand relationship of the lithium industry has gradually improved. It can be predicted that the investment enthusiasm of the industry is gradually returning to normal, some enterprises lacking core competitiveness and industrial support will be eliminated, while the global consumption of new energy vehicles continues to increase, and the demand for upstream raw materials increases, In the future, the industry concentration is expected to continue to improve, and it is expected to form a long-term support for the market price of lithium compounds in the future.

The wireless headset industry attracts attention

exceptlithium batteryIn addition, the wireless headset industry has also attracted much attention. Last week, Jiahe intelligent and walkers were intensively investigated by dozens of institutions.

Jiahe intelligent revealed that on the whole, the company's revenue in 2019 still maintained a steady growth. Since 2018, the TWS headset business of related customers has slowly increased in large volume. In 2019, the TWS headset business of Harman, skull, Anke and other customers has increased rapidly. At present, the company has abundant orders for TWS headphones in hand, with strong profit sustainability and stability. In the future, the company will continue to maintain the order increment of existing customers, increase the new orders of major customers, and strive to maintain the growth level.

Rambler said that the revenue and profit of the third quarter of 2019 increased significantly, mainly because the company adjusted the internal processes of production, R & D and sales in the early stage, and increased the R & D investment in wireless Bluetooth headsets, seized the market opportunity of the sharp growth of TWS headsets, and quickly launched a number of TWS series products. In the future, the company will continue to develop medium, high-end and professional high value-added products in a planned and step-by-step manner, continue to expand and improve the product system, and seek new revenue and profit growth points.


According to the statistics of the reporter of securities times · e company, the wireless headset sector bucked the trend and strengthened last week. The A-share wireless headset index rose by 0.95% as a whole. The shares of Jiahe intelligent and rambler rose by 42% and 12% respectively last week. Since the listing of Jiahe intelligent on October 18, 2019, the share price of Jiahe intelligent has risen 342% as a whole, and rambler also rose as high as 161.7% this year.

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