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[diaphragm weekly report] Huiqiang Xincai 6 μ M ultra thin three-layer co extrusion dry diaphragm offline! Enjie shares completed a fixed increase of 5billion


惠强新材出新品 6μm超薄三层共挤干法隔膜成功下线

[product] Huiqiang new material produces new products 6 μ M ultra thin three-layer co extrusion dry diaphragm successfully rolled off the assembly line

On August 26, the diaphragm Research Institute of Wuhan Huiqiang New Energy Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huiqiang new materials) came with exciting good news: 6. The diaphragm Research Institute developed by Huiqiang new materials has the international leading level μ M ultra thin three-layer co extrusion dry diaphragm products have been successfully rolled off the production line. After testing, various physical and internal indicators are excellent. It can be used for 3C high-energy batteries and functional coating diaphragm materials, and the market prospect is broad.

This is the R & D team of Huiqiang new materials, combined with the characteristics of the future "thinner, stronger and safer" development of diaphragm technology. In order to meet the market demand, through the adoption of special equipment structure, special processes and special raw materials, through long-term hard research, repeated optimization and verification, another innovative product with leading industry trends has been produced. Although the product is only 6 μ M thick, but its strength is 9 μ M has similar strength, higher safety, and better meet the needs of high energy density of batteries. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

恩捷股份完成50亿定增募资 扩大锂电隔膜主业布局

[fund raising] Enjie completed a fixed increase of 5billion to expand the main business layout of lithium diaphragm

On the evening of September 2, Enjie shares (002812) released the fixed increase results, which showed that the non-public offering price of the company was 72.00 yuan / share, raising a total of 5billion yuan, with 69.4444 million new shares, which will be listed on the exchange on September 4.

After the listing of new shares, the total share capital of the company will be expanded from 805million to 875million, and the new shares are expected to be listed and tradable on March 4, 2021.

Enjie said that the investment project of the raised funds was carried out around the company's main business, which was in line with the relevant national industrial policies and the company's overall strategic development direction in the future, and was conducive to improving the company's comprehensive strength. The implementation of this fund-raising investment project will contribute to the continuous improvement of the company's lithium battery diaphragm capacity and market competitiveness, further consolidate the company's global leading position in the industry, consolidate market share and scale advantages, improve the company's sustainable development ability and risk resistance ability, lay the foundation for future long-term development, and safeguard the long-term interests of shareholders. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[interaction] China Haicheng: transfer patented technology of lithium battery diaphragm R & D project

On September 1, in response to investors' questions, China Haicheng (002116) said that the company has made some patented technologies in the research and development project of lithium battery diaphragm. At present, it is seeking the transferee for technology transfer, and there is no new progress at present. (source: battery bairenhui battery network)

[think tank circle] three major trends in the domestic lithium diaphragm industry are obvious

At present, the competition in the domestic lithium battery diaphragm industry is increasingly fierce, and the product price and gross profit margin are both generally reduced. There are several obvious trends in the industry: first, leading enterprises have made efforts to the overseas market, and the diaphragm price has been supported through the increase in the proportion of overseas customers; Second, diaphragm products are ultra-thin, and dry 5-7 micron products have been supplied in small quantities by companies; Third, in the second half of the knockout period, the competition mainly focuses on the leading enterprises.

Article source:Battery net

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